Thursday, October 29, 2015


Thanks for the comments on my last post, lovely supportive, validating comments! Just what I need right now.

B has been having some...difficulties. It started before KG, so its not related. I actually thought it got better for a while with the excitement of a new school, but now its returned/gotten worse. He still loves school...just maybe school doesn't love him? I'm not going to go into it, but we are seeking outside help.

This is stressing me out and dredging up some of my worst fears as a parent. Lots of spiral-of-doom thinking going on in my head. Not good.

did I mention I hate holidays? I DO. I tried to embrace them last year and it was an epic failure. I much prefer the joys of an ordinary day to all the over-hyped built up and certainly unmet expectations of a holiday. And Halloween on a freaking SATURDAY? So now there is pressure for the WHOLE DAY to be FUN and SPECIAL. B (who forms unrealistic expectations and doesn't handle the unmet ones well at all) is sure to be in rare form.

On top of it all, I'm sick. I was sick last week with what felt like the worst cold ever---colds don't usually knock me out like this. I basically went to work, did the dinner/bed routine, and collapsed for 4 straight days. Then I felt amazing other than some congestion. My energy was back, I had a great weekend, and then I started getting insane sinus headaches, coughs, and that tiiiiirrrreeeed feeling yesterday. Ugh.

I'm supposed to run a 5K Saturday morning. Bleurgh. The plan was to work on speed leading up to the 5K. Ha. I've run maybe twice in the past 2 months? And slowly, at that. I know I can run the distance, I just don't want to embarrass myself with my time.

OK, back to work.


  1. I'm sorry about the school issue. I hope it doesn't start to erode Bs enjoyment. For Halloween, maybe pick one activity? We are doing the neighborhood Halloween parade in the evening, and that's basically it. I am NOT dressing up. Granted we can get away with this since Dyl is only 3....

    And I also hope you feel better soon. Being sick SUCKS and makes everything else seem so much worse. Get some rest, and if your 5K time sucks, you can blame it on the sinus infection -- which is true!

  2. Sick sucks! My DH is currently snoring because he has a cold so nobody is happy.

    Good luck with that and everything else.

    Re: halloween-- we were invited to a ton of things but are only locked into DC2's 1 hour end of the day party on Friday and a Halloween party/trick or treating on Saturday evening. I'm thinking we'll hit up one of the community celebrations that's in walking distance if we feel like it.

    1. Now both kids have the cold. I hope I'm not next. :(

  3. A good vent.

    I've decided Halloween begins around 6 pm on Saturday, and the rest of the day is for mundane tasks. Put your foot down :-)

    This line has given me much to chew over: "He still loves school...just maybe school doesn't love him?" I think it's sort of the perfect way to sum up a situation.

  4. Found your blog via Laura Vanderkam. I can totally relate to your holiday sentiment, or non-sentiment I suppose... Halloween and Thanksgiving are ok in my opinion because they are just one day. Christmas is a whole other story!

    1. welcome! yeah, halloween wasn't that bad. Thanksgiving IS a whole 4-day weekend to somehow make "special"...I'll be writing more about that!

  5. I worry about when my boy hits kindergarten too. Hope you don't feel too alone with that because I bet you aren't. Good luck finding the right resources to keep him enjoying school!