Monday, February 1, 2016

Creating Space

I started the low-internet challenge today. I'll play along with SHU's challenge, though my rules are different and may evolve over the month. For now: 
  • limiting social media time to 2 20 minute breaks during the day
  • cut down significantly on the blogs I'm following (about 10 total now) and only marking really interesting posts to come back to comment on
  • unjoined several facebook groups (but didn't deactivate because I'm still getting rid of a bunch of stuff I've been purging)
  • no phone while waiting for short periods of time (bus stop, elevator, stop light)
  • no phone in evenings with kids or G 
  • NEVER on social media after 10 pm
  • weekends: limit to 15 minutes
I've tried this kind of thing before and I usually fail spectacularly within the first few days. Why? 1) I never got specific with rules. 2) never told anyone or had any kind of accountability. 3) I had unrealistic expectations.

#3 may be the most important barrier to my success in the past. I had this belief that I would stop checking blogs & facebook and suddenly become super motivated, hyperfocused and productive at work. And more present and relaxed at home. But on the first day, my mind would wander and I wouldn't get everything done, and I'd be distracted and annoyed by my family and I'd declare it a failure and go back to my old ways.

I've had to talk myself down from these expectations. I'm not suddenly going to rewire my brain (if ever), and sometimes work IS boring and that first draft will always take forever to get going. My kids and husband will never cease to (occasionally) irritate me and minds are made to wander.

What I'm doing by removing the constant chatter is creating space for...whatever. Productivity or creativity or daydreams or even boredom.

I'm excited to see how this goes.


  1. Good luck! Addiction is a tough one to manage. I admit that, despite the fact that I have a very limited online presence (no smart phone, don't use fb, twitter, pinterest, only a limited group of blogs and news), I still find that I suffer from addictive tendencies online. My approach is simply to attempt to limit the damage.

  2. Good luck Ana! I don't think I could do it by those rules, and I'm not even a big social media person. I'll be really excited to see how you progress!

  3. Good luck! I think 15 min per day on the weekends would be the breaking point for me. Weekend days can be looooooooooong...

  4. Oh! I can't wait to hear what you learn from this challenge. Again you are pushing me to look at my own behaviors and think about changing them.