Monday, September 12, 2016

So far, so great!

Whoo hoo, I am so proud of myself today. I tried a new method to motivate myself and plan my day and it worked...but I won't share it yet because I need to give it more than one day before I get too evangelical. Also its convoluted and sort of backwards and may only work for me, so there's also that.

I just finished everything I planned to get done and then some, and its not even 4 pm. I figured there should be SOME incentive to being focused and efficient, so I'm knocking off a bit early. I'll write a little here and then empty the dishwasher (I'm working from HOME), walk the dog, and go get B a little early and take him for a "first day of aftercare" treat.

Oh boy were there TEARS this morning. He must have really been nervous about aftercare, because the kid was really not doing well. It took a lot of concerted effort and time from both G and myself to get him to eat breakfast and get ready.

Good news: B is not sick anymore. Bad news: as the sickness wore off, the sweet & needy was replaced by surliness. It was not my favorite weekend. Too sick to really go anywhere, but not sick enough to sleep and not fight with his brother. Lots of indoor time, "I'm bored", play with me, I want to eat but I don't know what and every single thing you name is NO, and finally something sounds good but then I will refuse to eat it after you give it to me and I touch my sick germy hands all over it.

If you happened to walk by Sunday evening, you may have heard me shouting such things as: "No YOU'RE mean and stinky and I don't want to play with you EITHER" (this to L) or "THANK THE WORLD tomorrow is Monday and you guys go to school for FIVE WHOLE DAYS"(this to B).
Not my finest moment, but...its been a rough several days.

I'm hoping to continue on my productivity streak the rest of the week so you may hear from me again!


  1. Man, if I heard you yelling that at your son I would probably bust out laughing! I always worry that the awful things I say to my son when I'm mad will damage him forever, but I remind myself that I say many loving things too.

    And I want to know your secret method for productivity! My method is to not worry about it when I'm feeling unmotivated, because eventually I'll start feeling motivated again. It usually works.

  2. Hahaha!! Yeah I say things like that sometimes too. Over the weekend my team told me I could have the day off but I still went in got rounds so as to have s break from my family. And I told people! Mother of the year right here. Maybe..... Learn to embrace it? The b behavior you describe can be so frustrating. One thing that's helped me is reminding myself it's s phase and trying to laugh about all the over the top/dramatic refusals. But yeah, sometimes it's really grating.

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    2. Deleted prior comment b/c I did not mean to sound judgy and yet when I read it, it came off that way -- I said something about get a massage instead). What I meant was: I personally can not wrap my head around voluntarily rounding but 100% understand the need to escape -- probably would have just gone for a massage instead :)

    3. It probably helps that SICU rounds are <2h and not 4-6. :-)

      I don't really enjoy massages -- they give me back-ne.

  3. I am so glad you had a great day! My day was shockingly not so bad b/c I went in sick and thought it would be awful . . . but then it wasn't. I fully support STOPPING EARLY if you've gotten a lot done!!

  4. I'm very curious about this new method!!!! Glad it's working.