Thursday, September 1, 2016

September GOALS

Yay! I'm writing about goals again! I'm going to divide them up by category:

  • Revise patient education templates for common conditions to include up-to-date information
  • Finish THAT paper (the one I've been trying to write for months) and submit to medium-tier journal. Its half written, but according to the computer, the last time I opened it was in June. 
  • Work towards mid-October grant submission. Start by making DETAILED checklist of each next step, no matter how trivial. 
  • Detailed weekly and daily plans; build in time for planning on Friday PM
  • Stay up later at least 3 nights/week to hang out with G. I've been going to bed SO EARLY, like literally the minute the kids are in bed, because I've been so tired and just DONE at the end of the day, but its not a good long term plan. 
  • Call my parents weekly and MIL at least 2X this month.
  • Meet with B's new teacher to go over his issues & make sure school psychologist still has him on the list to do his evaluation for an IEP
  • Pick B up from school once/week and do homework with him to stay tuned in to what he's doing and how he's struggling
  • Run at least once a week---work on speed. I signed up for a 5K this fall and want to have a decent time. 
  • Meditate 4X week (M/W/F and one weekend day)
  • Therapy at least 2X this month (I keep canceling because I don't feel like going--I'm not sure what to talk about...this is a good sign I think, but I know I should keep going. I will text her today to re-schedule for next week)
  • Post decluttered items to buynothing group (they are sitting in a pile in the guestroom)
  • Plan L's birthday party & buy items by the 10th (G made & gave out invites today)
  • Sign kids up for soccer and swimming 

It looks like a lot all listed out like that, but it feels doable. Is it just me who keeps thinking today is Friday? Maybe because the rest of my family has tomorrow off. Oh well, back to work, these goals are not going to complete themselves after all!


  1. Goals!!! This is a very good sign. This post makes me happy :)

  2. Ha! You and SHU with your monthly goals. I might have to get on this bandwagon.

    I think it's a good sign though, that you're starting to think about this stuff again, at least in a concrete enough way to write it here. I hope things are looking up.