Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Sick Day That Was

Guys, I really hate to be whiny but seriously, I got sick AGAIN last weekend. And because I hadn't yet fully recovered from the last virus that knocked me out, this one really had me down for the count...I was useless for most of Sunday and Monday. I stayed home from work yesterday, which is really really rare. Thankfully I had no patients or meetings or super urgent deadlines, so I did a bare minimum of answering emails in between laying in bed trying to breathe.

So yeah. There hasn't been much to SAVOR lately and I haven't even been able to BREATHE. So much for jumping back into the groove of exercise, etc... My whole "wake up early and write for an hour" thing certainly didn't happen, and I broke my streak of meditating, too.

The silver lining is that the kids are actually not sick...yet...and nor was G, so he could pick up the slack. The bad news is that I really do suck at "relaxing", when there is stuff hanging over my head to do. My mind was antsy and wanting to get up and go, despite my body firmly resisting. My body eventually won for a couple of days, but this morning I just flat out decided I needed to be back in the game, so I downed my sudafed and tylenol & came to work, crossing things off my to-do list and feeling much less overwhelmed.

Its a short day, because I have to go pick B up and take him to therapy. I'm not sure how much time she'll talk to him vs. me vs. both of us, so I'm bringing my laptop and some work. And then we have the "evening gauntlet" (walk dog, make dinner, make lunches for tomorrow, bathe kids, clean kitchen, get stuff ready for tomorrow) so I'm sure I'll run out of steam at 8pm as usual and fall asleep in a child's bed, then crawl up to my own.

Here's hoping you all have stronger immune systems then mine this winter!


  1. This winter has sucked for sickness! And I'm 99% sure Annabel has strep for 2nd time in 3 months... ugh!!

  2. Hope you'renbetter soon!

    My 3 kids seem to have been constantly sick since New Years. 3 ear infections, coughs and constantly runny noses, plus a few days of fever in there. *Thankfully* despite usually seeming to get everything they bring home, my husband, nanny and I seem to be immune.

    Hope cold and flu season is over soon!!!

  3. The respiratory thing going around right now is NO JOKE. Also norovirus... this winter is brutal.

    I hope you feel better soon. I hate when I have to take a day and I can't even enjoy it because I'm just obsessing over all the shit that is not getting done, and that will have to get done in LESS time because I'm not doing it now. Those are the WORST kinds of sick days.

    I've been walking around, hacking up a lung, and blowing my now-chapped nose every five seconds. I got away relatively unscathed this winter, especially considering how sick my kids have been. Still, I'm done with feeling shitty. I hope you are soon too!