Wednesday, August 30, 2017

When you can't breathe...

Soon after I hit post yesterday, I had one of the scariest hours I've experienced. G called me to tell me that water was rising up the driveway in MIL's house and neighbors were going to help them leave, using a KAYAK (!!!!) to navigate the flooded streets to a van waiting nearby that would take them to a family member's home a few miles away.

I gave them about an hour to undertake this mission (and thankfully had a scheduled catch-up phone date with a friend/collaborator) and then began to call. And MIL's phone isn't working. So I called the aunt who's house they were going to---no answer. And then I freaked the fuck out because OMFG. I called my parents, texted my sister, and then had no idea what to do while I waited.

So I turned on a podcast, found a long ignored addictive game on my phone, and opened up some cheese puffs and distracted my way through the hour or so until MIL finally called me (they are completely fine).

Guys, this is so hard. I'm doing the absolutely necessary things at work and home, and trying to exercise/meditate/sleep/eat well, but I've also been spending LOADS of time on social media (including facebook, which has been a good way to keep up with what's going, since I have lots of friends/"friends" near where the kids are and also keep people updated & get support), and overall wasting time and drinking more wine than I should.

I did get a lot of things on my list done, and had thankfully planned a lot of outings for this week, because the last thing I need is MORE time to sit at home & fret. But man, it has not been the least bit relaxing and I'm farther behind then ever at work.

Oh, and please donate to hurricane relief AND (or) efforts to reduce the impacts of climate change. Because we know there is no government looking out for us in any regard at all.


  1. OMG how scary. I'm glad everything is fine. I can't even imagine how awful that must have been.

  2. I'm so glad everything turned out okay. I'm not surprised that you're stress eating/social media-ing! I can't even imagine how frightening that would've been. Be gentle with yourself; work is never more important than the safety of your family.

  3. How scary! So glad that your husband is there and that everyone is OK. My sisters house had been fine until last night.

  4. Wow, Ana, I didn't read this post until just now. I feel so scared/worried for you and your kids!! I'm glad they are safe now, and I think you were wise to distract yourself while waiting. But how awful that must've been to hear, and what a hard wait it must've been until you heard from them. G goes to get them this weekend, right?

  5. donated, and thinking of you, and so glad everyone is okay now!!!! this is one of those rare times in life that (in my opinion, anyway) ANY SURVIVAL TACTIC GOES and you are not allowed to beat yourself up for any of them. sending love and hoping you will be reunited soon!!!!

  6. Wow that sounds awful! Here's hoping that the boys' most compelling memory of the flood will be that of the epic kayak ride.