Friday, December 1, 2017

Happy December

I'm feeling very positive today. Its a new month, the weather is lovely, its Friday and we have fun stuff and downtime planned for the weekend. We have what feels like an extra-long holiday season ahead of us and I'm getting into the festive spirit. I did my monthly planning yesterday & also bought a 2018 planner (same Minimalist one, I like it).

Weekend plans:
Friday night: pizza and screen time for the kids. Give them the Lego advent calendar my parents bought them

Saturday: barre class in AM, karate belt ceremony (yellow for L, blue for B), take L to buy B's Birthday and Christmas gifts, date night!

Sunday: make/hang wreath and put lights outside (I bought a string of solar powered LED bulbs to put in the window boxes), take B to see Coco (L says it'll be "too scary" for him), make big pot of soup (suggestions welcome---last week it was a green lentil stew).

I do kind of want the work day to be done. Its only 3:30 but I've been laser focused for 7.5 hours and I'm feeling a bit done. But my schedule says otherwise so off I go to peruse some data and read some articles.


  1. I love Catherine Newman's Thai butternut squash soup: I've never tried the other recipe on that link, but I've liked most of the recipes she has shared, so I imagine I would like it. If you're worried about the cayenne (which isn't too spicy), you can leave it out and just add hot sauce to taste.

    This peanut and sweet potato soup is also one of my go-tos. I may make it this weekend.

    Enjoy the soup, and I wish you all the best in December.

  2. sounds like a lovely weekend!!! this broccoli chèvre soup was delicious: -- however, I will admit that at least one kid (forget which, probably C) refused it. but if it's for adults -- it's delicious!

  3. PS i love the idea of having them buy each other gifts! I thought about doing that but I think things are going to get too hectic, but next year definitely.