Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Some randomness on a Wednesday

Something is better than nothing, right? Lots of things going through my head, just not able to get them written into a full post for you, so you get bullets instead.
  •  I'm reading my first book by Brene Brown, The Gift of Imperfection. As I read it, it seems very frothy and repetitive and not a little cheesy (sorry, fangirls!) BUT as I let the thoughts percolate, I'm finding some really great nuggets in there. Like her story about being addicted to "taking the edge off" with alcohol, food, social media, shopping, etc... I've been thinking about this a lot this week. Is not just "normal human" to do that? Because I FOR SURE do that, always. If I try to cut back on one thing, the other pops up---its constant "take-the-edge-off" whack-a-mole around here. The thought of giving up every single vice is horrifying. Does the fact that it is so frightening to me indicate that it is bad for me? 
  • G and the boys are going to a father-kid camping trip on Friday. I will have a whole night and most of a day to myself. Everyone keeps asking me if I'm going to "go out" Friday night and I am like, what is this "go out" you speak of and can I do it in my PJs? All I can fantasize about is an evening to myself with Netflix and take out and wine. And waking up early-ish to go exercise and then read books all day. In honesty I do like going out usually, but I'm feeling the need for some introvert-time lately.
  • We went strawberry picking last weekend! I was so proud of myself for actually making this happen. It was one of those things I always mean to do but then somehow miss the window for (because "the berry season is short" of course) but we went! And it was fun! And I am so sick of strawberries right now. 
  • The farm also tricks you into picking sour cherries by stopping by those trees first on the hayride to the berries. And they have somehow genetically engineered the cherry trees to be exactly picking height for kids. They just called them "cherries" so I had no idea until we had paid (a LOT) for them and tasted one. Now I need to bake things with these beautiful mouth-puckering fruits. Ideas other than pies? I'm not really that advanced a baker that I am planning to attempt a pie. I can do a "crumble" or a "crisp" maybe?
Any thoughts on taking-the-edge-off behaviors and beginner level sour cherry recipes welcome! 


  1. Crisps/crumbles are super easy. My recipe for topping is basically 1 part oats to 1 part brown sugar + 1/2 c. flour (I use GF) + butter/margarine (it's been a while....maybe 1 stick?); I make more than is necessary because I like it. Let a kid combine the oats, butter, and sugar with their hot little hands. Put it on the fruit in a baking dish. Bake roughly 40 min at 350. Add ice cream. Done.

  2. Pies are about the same amount of work as a crisp or crumble if you buy pre-made crusts. You can use the same filling in any of them.

    I think it is normal for humans to do things to calm down, whether that's the behaviors you describe or reading novels or watching tv or running or doing yoga or meditation (or CBT!). I'm not sure that meditation and tea should be privileged over social media and chocolate, though perhaps it's good to not turn to things that could be detrimental to your health or bank accounts. I think that's what we call self-soothing and it's a really important skill to have. So... taking the edge off, normal. Doing it with behaviors that might be detrimental, not as good as doing it with behaviors that probably aren't. So...maybe watch more good tv and read more soothing novels?

    My fam is with my in-laws this week and I definitely enjoyed the first couple days all by myself on the couch and being able to take a bath without interruption (even if I had to clean out the tub first). I've hit the point of wishing they were back though :/ .

  3. Omg i freaking love sour cherries. Crumble w vanilla ice cream all the way!!!!

  4. What about a sour cherry shrub (like

    1. Also, if you don't have a special instrument to get the pips out, using a chopstick and a soda bottle works well (probably best to google to see what I mean!)

  5. I highly recommend checking out Brene Brown's talk "The Power of Vulnerability" which is available on Audible. It's essentially the same content as in The Gifts of Imperfection, but I found it SO much more powerful and accessible in that format, hearing her talk about each of the gifts, in a way I just don't feel when I read her work in print form (although I do keep a copy of TGoI that I refer back to from time to time).

  6. I am late to the game, but I think your plans for the night alone sound perfect! Sometimes I do wish I could go out, but mostly relaxing sounds perfect.

    And I’m jealous of the strawberry picking! I’ve been waiting impatiently for blueberry season. I didn’t even think of strawberries.

  7. I grew up on sour cherry jam and cherry juice (in Turkey). Jam is easy; just about 1:1 s. cherry and sugar in a pot, leave overnight, then put the pot on the stove and cook for about half an hour to 40 min. and add some lemon juice just before it's done. Perfect on toast, with yogurt, ice cream...
    Juice is made the same way, without lemon juice. It's concentrated, so just add some water. Best drink for Summer nights (esp. with vodka;).