Monday, October 28, 2019


Pretty good weekend, though I was extremely tired all day Saturday because G and I were out late Friday and had to wake up extra early to volunteer at our school fundraiser 5K.

Come From Away was AWESOME. I loved it, highly recommend. G also loved it, and he's not really the musical theater type. The show was much shorter than I had planned (only one act, no intermission) so instead of going home and getting to sleep, we went to a nearby bar for a couple of drinks and hence, the late night.

All 3 boys ran the 5K, I was very proud of L, who had signed up for the kids run (one loop, about 1.5 miles) but ran the longer distance. And I helped keep cars off the course and cheered on everyone. I love this annual event, people run in costumes which is great, and its just a fun neighborhood feel-good vibe.

It was a beautiful day, so we took advantage and took the dog to a nearby state park for a hike, and then lunch (and some delicious pumpkin beer) at a brewery. After that I was SPENT and laid in bed for a while and then laid on the couch while we watched a movie. I can't believe one night short of sleep knocked me out that much, but there you have it.

I slept for many hours and Sunday felt much better. It was a rainy stay-at-home day and we organized physically and logistically, cooked & cleaned, and painted pumpkins! Halloween is almost certainly going to be rainy this year, which is a real bummer. I may stay home and hand out candy, I don't really feel like dressing up and walking around with a rain poncho and umbrella. The boys chose Marvel Avengers as their theme, L will be Captain America and B will be Thor. G got an eye patch for Nick Fury. They want me to go as Black Widow but I'm not super into the idea of wearing skin tight clothing right now. There is nothing in the world that would keep the kids from their trick-or-treating, so I'm hoping G will go with them so I can chill.

This week is less clinic-heavy, so I've got a LOT of writing and analyzing to do. If only I was feeling focused. Monday mornings are hard.

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  1. I am so bummed about the rain too! First time designing and making a costume myself -- and had fun doing it -- and it's going to freaking rain! Gah! So super impressed that your boys all ran a 5K. I can't believe how grown up they are getting. The weather has been sleepy making lately. I have found that I can be short on sleep for a night or two, but it really catches up to me now. No idea how I survived residency and then Q3-4 24h call all last year. No wonder I was sad.