Friday, March 20, 2020


I had a complete meltdown last night. They locked up the park. THEY LOCKED UP THE PARK. We were just saying how going to play basketball together was the highlight of all of our days---just the 4 of us and our own ball, and the hoop, more than 10 feet away from any other families who are also playing their own soccer or t-ball or racing games.

And then I got a university-wide email asking for PCR reagent in case anyone had some in their lab because "supplies are running low" THE F%&K? Already?

These two things, on top of the freaking CDC guidelines about bandanas as PPE...I just lost it.

I am doing consults in the hospital next week. I will be seeing patients that are infectious in lots of different ways as well as those that are immunocompromised. And then going home to my family. I want to follow evidence-based procedures to protect the patients/my family/myself.

I have several tele-health visits scheduled today, but my first one "no showed" (???? we made the appointment yesterday, at the time the patient suggested, they forgot?). Hopefully the others log on for their visits. I want to provide state-of-the-art medical care from my partially finished basement with my dog in the background and my kids upstairs dammit.

I dunno, I'm sure my attitude will improve over time but I'm not feeling it today.


  1. Right there with you. We’re going for a walk after we have online parent teacher conference because I just cannot today. I’m just waiting to be called in to man a ventilator or something. *huhs*

  2. THIS: "I want to provide state-of-the-art medical care from my partially finished basement with my dog in the background and my kids upstairs dammit."

    I too am cycling through all the emotions rather rapidly. I hope they don't close our parks....TB is also using the basketball hoop!!


  3. I'm not gonna lie I didn't understand much, but it seems like you're struggling. Stay strong.

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