Thursday, March 26, 2020

Oh, I think you're so pretty...

Little things making me smile these days:

  • The "high school" playlist my HS friend shared (including the song from the post title, can anyone identify it?) Bonus: I'm the only one in this whole suite of offices so I can sing along as I chart! 
  • Texts/messages from people I haven't spoken to in months/years (a cousin, said HS friend)
  • "Thank you healthcare workers" signs on front doors on my route to work
  • Spring! Cherry blossoms in full bloom, daffodils, baby birds
  • Playing Mario Kart as a family...especially when I win (what can I say I am unbelievably competitive at everything)
  • A really good Scrabble word (I play at least part of a game most days with B, he's currently obsessed). Yesterday I made "freezers". so satisfying! 
  • L's art--he's been quite prolific with drawing and also making very creative Lego creations these days. 
What's making you smile? 

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