Friday, March 26, 2021

Random Things on a Friday

Yesterday we heard that they are planning hybrid (2-days a week) for 3rd-5th graders beginning late April. We are all very (but cautiously!) optimistic, since K-2 has been going well for a few weeks now. 

So I mentioned I bought a new planner after the Wonderland222 didn't quite meet my needs---the other one didn't either. I am very picky and want specific things and I'm having a really hard time finding it! I need some planner matchmaking help. Calling SHU

I am off next week, for the kids' spring break. We are staying heading to some mountains and staying in a "deluxe" (heated, with bathroom) cabin for 4 nights. We can hike and play games and read books and basically anything besides work. I do NOT want to work.

My phone broke and I got a loaner for work, and I've added minimal things to it (just adding things as I need them) Plus it uses touchID which...omg is so much better than faceID when you are always wearing a mask. I am getting a brand new phone sometime soonish so I hope I can keep things minimal longterm. 

Reading "Ready Player Two" took me a long time to get into it. And I'm not sure what I think about it so far. Some of it is hilariously awful. But on the other hand, I keep going back for it and have raced through most of the 2nd third, so it must be captivating? 

I am getting really tired of LIIFT4. We just finished week 5, our 2nd time through (without a break in between). The workouts are long, and I truly want to die sometimes. Today we did legs, and had the full weight session, then HIIT, then abs and I was so freaking tired, but had my whole entire day to still get through! 

Random enough? 


  1. has some really good comparison guides on the different kinds of planners (though the ones they sell tend to be a bit pricey). I know I want a weekly style and I'm not sure if I want one that already has the times filled in in a vertical manner or if I want a horizontal weekly planner that has a blank page on the other side for planning. Right now I'm using a blank Moleskin and it is working surprisingly well for me even without washi tape or a ruler. I'm also starting to use different colored pens to mean different things... I've almost descended into a very sloppy version of bujo.

  2. I gave myself permission to skip the HIIT on leg days and now pretty much do week 7&8 exclusively because I like the workouts the best. Instead of the HIIT I go for a bike ride or run (or walk) on 1-2 days. It has helped motivate me because omg I agree doing HIIT after a tough leg lifting session is freaking torture. Plus I read somewhere that it’s better to work out a little less more often than fewer times with greater intensity. Anyway, that was verbose...

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