Sunday, January 20, 2013

Playing Hooky...and other updates

Daycare is open tomorrow. Work is not. Possibilities....

I'm actually at work now. Cells need feeding every 2-3 days regardless of holiday schedule. I'm waiting for the media to warm up so I can get this done.

B is going through the reject mommy phase again, but stronger and more extreme this time. I've been trying to take it in stride but it was starting to become hurtful yesterday after a whole day of refusing to hug me, purposefully saying "daddy I love you" "no, not mommy", refusing to let me read him stories, and constantly telling me to "go to work", "go away", "i don't want you".  Hopefully it ends soon. Its very hard to keep delivering endless patience and nurturing without any reward.

L is was sleeping much better. After the first night of re-re-re-re-training, he has not woken up at night once. His AM wakings continue to be pretty early though--generally before 6. On weekdays we just get up for the day with him, this is harden on weekends. This morning he woke at 5. I could not get him back down in his crib & I committed the cardinal sin of sleeping with him in the guest room for another hour and a half. This is how its always started. 5 am becomes 4 am becomes 3 am....

I've stuck to most of my "reset" plans: no sweets, no playing games on the phone at night, exercising. We gave up the "no booze" after about 10 days. Even 10 days helped, though, I'm back in a more healthy pattern of occasional beer or glass of wine after dinner or with friends, instead of the several drinks every day holiday visiting in-laws mode.

I've been on an on-line shopping kick. I'm trying out new styles and vendors for clothes and shoes. Most everything needs to go back. Having to trek to the post-office to return packages will cure me of the shopping bug, I'm sure.

OK, media should be at a perfect 37 degrees. Time to work.


  1. That has got to be a killer when B says things like that. I have to admit, it's kind of nice that Dyls can't talk yet, because after she does how long will it be until she says, "I hate you mommy! You work too much. You obviously don't love me." Or later, "OMG you are embarrassing me. You are such a loser."

    Can you and G take shifts with L on the weekend? Like one day he gets up and the next day you do? I was fantasizing this morning about when I finally give up AM nursing, how if I want maybe I can one day sleep past 6:30. It's probably just a fantasy with little basis in reality though.

    Congrats on a successful reset! I have to say, I hate the liquor laws in our state, but the general inconvenience associated with buying booze really does keep our consumption down. I drank a lot more wine in Chicago when I could pick up some 2-buck-chuck at Trader Joes. Now the only two liquor stores in my neighborhood have closed, so getting wine is a major excursion and laziness usually prevails. Ha.

  2. I have not yet experienced a "rejecting mommy" phase but sometimes I kind of wish I could because right now it's ALL MOMMY ALL THE TIME. I feel so bad for my partner, because I can see it's hard for him, but it's also hard for me to NEVER GET A BREAK! I'm sure you know how that is though. And I'm sure if things were reversed I'd be upset, especially if she actively spoke against me and said she DIDN'T want me. Right now just just picks me over her dad, but doesn't say mean things to him. Ah toddlers, so much getting and so little giving.

  3. Oh, my heart breaks for you. Why must children do this? I'm going to have a really hard time with it, I bet. I wonder if it helps at all to have another one who does need you?

    High fives on sticking to your reset plans.