Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Its like a sickness I tell you...

Even after I resolved not to resolve, I couldn't stop myself. This is what I officially planned to do, which is actually turning out to be hard enough. But no, my brain keeps coming up with new "fun"challenges. Every time I read a blog post about someone else's resolutions, I think...ooh good idea! And some just come into my head from out of the hidden world of terrible ideas nowhere.

Maybe I should try to sew enough to go through  my fabric stash! Maybe we need to try out new recipes, one per week! Maybe I should sign up for a class of some sort! Maybe I need to: try to do my hair more often, update my wardrobe, start wearing heels, etc.. etc...

I have so far stopped myself, but I can't help myself getting excited at the possibilities.

ooh...Maybe I need professional help!?!


  1. I have a hard time not getting excited about good ideas too but one thing depression has been good for lately is forcing me to slow down. I am acutely aware of how little I can actually manage these days so I'm not making any promises to myself. I think that is why "the diet" scares me so, because I doubt I'll have the bandwidth for it.

    1. I am truly sorry about the depression E. Truthfully, I can't manage much more than the basics myself right now...when I've been depressed, though, I no longer even have interest in anything beyond that. The fact that you get excited about things may be a good sign?

  2. OOO! The sewing through the fabric stash DOES sound good. I used to not understand those women with a giant unused collection, and now I am one. One of the women I read is taking one evening a week TV and computer free. I am thinking of joining her. I could read! I could write letters! I could sew! Sounds wonderful, doesn't it!