Saturday, February 9, 2013


Again, busy. Here are some updates...

-The weekend after this happened the boys were actually amazingly well-behaved. It was cold and snowy and we had a nice cozy weekend at home. Generally "nice" and "at home" don't go together for weekends with small children but this went surprisingly well. I think the boys appreciated having unlimited time to play with their toys, read books, and eat snacks.

-B is still hitting L a lot, often completely unprovoked. Not sure how best to handle it. Right now we are giving warnings and then time-out & "taking away" toys or privileges. Of course now L has learned to hit B and while we try to be equal in our discipline with him, the impact of "taking away" is obviously lost on such a young child.

-January re-set: I stuck to most of it---no sweets at all, exercising 3-4 days a week (very moderately, 20-30 minutes max), I completely stopped playing games on my phone before bed and have started reading instead (I've finished 2.5 novels instead!). Since I really don't have a sweet tooth it was pretty easy for me to abstain from random candy & baked goods. Since February I've only had 1 homemade cookie, 1 homemade muffin, and a few pieces of good dark chocolate.  I did quit the no-booze thing because it was my friend's birthday, and I'm not a fan of self-deprivation for its own sake...I think even the short period of not drinking helped break the daily habit which was the point. 

-My parents came for a week-long visit. It was SUCH a help. they came late Thursday night & stayed until the following Thursday evening. The boys stayed home for daycare, which means no lunches to make or drop-offs and pick-ups. Usually when L awoke at 5 or 5:30, one of my parents were up to get him. Over the weekend they took both kids with them to visit some friends for SEVERAL HOURS on Saturday and I went shopping and hung out with friends. We also got to go out to dinner on Sunday to a restaurant I'd been dying to try (no we didn't care about missing that football game that was on).

-I am on inpatient service this week & weekend. It's been really stressful, but satisfying. There is something to be said about patient care---you can't slack and be unproductive like you can sitting in your office "writing" or "analyzing data". I like doing it... once in a while.

Lots of thoughts in my brain, gotta work on getting them written out...

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  1. Oh man, I want your parents to stay forever. It sounds like having some extra help makes such a difference.