Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Wash

The entire weekend and this whole (short) week. A complete wash.

Friday evening I was all set to take the boys to the pool, but neither wanted to go. In fact, L seemed almost somnolent on the way home from school. When I pulled him out of the stroller I realized he was BURNING UP. Temperature=103. He went to bed at 5pm and we had a rough night.

Saturday morning we head out for a little dog walk. G ran into the drug store to get something while I let the boys out of the stroller near a fountain. I heard B whine "I want to go home", and turned around to ask him why when...blaaargh. Puke.

Got him home, cleaned up, decided to skip (obviously) swimming lessons, and headed out grocery shopping. Stopping twice to clean up B who continued the trend.

Did not leave the house again all weekend.

Sunday night---after a yummy dinner and productive evening getting set up for the week---I started feeling really really tired. And was a rough night/day.

I missed work all day Monday & half of Tuesday, am dealing with contractors at our house and 6 family members arriving tomorrow morning.

On the up side, I may have lost 0.5 a pound? And G & I realized we really do eat way way too much for dinner. A slice of peanut butter toast is probably perfectly adequate sustenance for lounging on the couch watching TV.

My god this is the most boring post in the world. Will do better next time.


  1. We must have caught it! Lots of throwing up last night.

    Hope you're all at 100% soon.

  2. Yikes - hope everyone is feeling better now.

  3. I hope you're feeling better! I really like to eat my main meals at breakfast and lunch and have a snack at dinner. Salad is a great go to for me, since it's easy to prepare, but PB toast is good too.

    1. That is EXACTLY the best way to eat (for health). But I really am a terrible breakfast-eater. I just have no appetite in the morning. And especially in the heat, I tend to pig out when it cools off later in the evening.

  4. ugh i feel your pain. not a GI thing but a cold and a had it and now i do. add that to first tri crap and i basically want to crawl in a hole and die. my husband has been in miami but is coming back tomorrow and i plan to spend as much of the day as possible in bed.