Thursday, October 3, 2013

Small Plates

Since I don't have the motivation to construct a coherent, themed essay-style post, we shall proceed tapas-style.

  • The psychologist is starting to annoy us. I kind of want to switch (or just quit and use the time/money to go on fun dates with that a good sign, though?). We both felt like she was putting words into our mouths ("oh, you must have felt really hurt then?", I was annoyed. Not "really hurt". Words matter when the very point of the activity is to improve communication.) Also I was feeling uncomfortably like she was taking "my side" and trying to show G how "hurt" he was making me feel. We ended up spending half the session on a little thing (something regarding kitchen-cleaning) that didn't merit this much discussion and ended up annoying both of us...I was hoping a trained therapist would be able to steer the conversation away from minutiae to the real heart of the problem. We have a session scheduled on Thursday afternoon at 4 pm next week...maybe we can switch it out for a glass of wine instead.
  • I went to a "Mommy Book Club" in my desperate effort to make friends. It was...surreal. I was the only full-time working mother there (there were several that "worked" 3-5 hours/week). Most had one, young child. There was a LOT of talk of birth stories, mommy-and-me classes, breastfeeding. I mostly sat and drank my wine. The only reason I decided to go to this was because as a "book club" I was hoping we could discuss something other than the aforementioned topics that tend to dominate any "Mommy" activity. My mistake.
  • No matter what I do, I feel tired and exhausted pretty constantly. Also frequent tension and/or migraine headaches. I'm going to bed early, exercising, drinking tons of water, no one is sick and L is mostly sleeping... I don't get it. No its not my thyroid. Also, no, I'm definitely not pregnant. 
  • The online shopping is getting out of hand. I can't stop buying more and more stuff. I've got a package en route from Loft (I got a $50 off $100 purchase, but 2 items added up to $99 so I had to get a third...). I got my 2 dresses from eshakti and love them both. One is a bit...chesty...for work, but will work nicely for date night. The other is modest enough for work but a bit "fancy" (lots of ruffly stuff at the neckline) and sleeveless. I'm thinking a more casual or structured jacket would tone it down and make it seasonally appropriate. So now I've been obsessed with finding such a jacket. The huge Boden package came in yesterday and I didn't get a chance to try things on yet except the shoes I got, which for some bizarre reason B thought were for him. They are straight up huge size 8 purple and pink color-blocked (or "colour-blocked" as they say) ankle-strapped wedges. Why would they be for a 3-year old boy??
  • Last weekend was really fun. Exhausting, because we stayed up way too late Friday and Saturday, and drank way too much both nights. But fun. And Sunday was relaxing with my parents here. And Monday & Tuesday were even more relaxing (no day care drop-offs! No cooking---and no cooking for the whole week, in fact, my mom made a TON). My parents did annoy me once, but I got over it.
  • L's birthday is Saturday and I am actually happy that it'll be just the 4 of us for the first time ever on a kids' birthday. We did a small store-bought cake with my parents last weekend, and he got his gifts from them (and B got a big gift, too, a new purple that we could hand his little one down to L). I want to put streamers and balloons out in the kitchen Friday night so he can wake up to them. Then we'll do swimming lessons like always, and make a cake together. Then eat said cake. Enjoy what has got to be the last of the 80 degree weather. G got small gifts (books) for both kids that we can wrap. 
  • I was wracking my brain (is that the right spelling for that word?) to figure out a "birthday meal" for L. He seriously doesn't eat anything most times. Not pizza, no pasta, not chicken nuggets, not Indian food or Greek food or Thai food or Chinese food. Definitely not any vegetables. Not anything. Maybe the specialness of the birthday meal will be letting him eat only cake and ice cream and not bothering him with anything else. 
  • Work is annoying me right now. I revised a protocol to meet the scientific review committee concerns, but now its over-budget and I have to un-revise it. Except its already under review at the IRB (the budget took a few days to get back). So if it does get approved, I'll have to amend the protocol. But at least once its approved, I can get my (tiny, barely enough to get started) money. (Seriously, such a small amount I could have taken it out of my personal savings and hardly worried.) But I'm annoyed. I don't work very efficiently when annoyed. 
I don't know about you, but I always eat more when there are small plates involved.


  1. You have our support to ditch the therapist!

    I totally feel you on the mommy book club thing. If you lived near me, we could totally hang out and not talk about poop.

  2. I wouldn't blame you for ditching this particular therapist if she makes you uncomfortable. The big question will be whether or not you can continue to carry the communication momentum that you have gained forward. If not, seek another therapist. It often takes a few tries to find the right one.

    I totally hear you on kids not eating ANYTHING. My daughter likes bread. And that is all. Well, not true- she also likes anything that contains large quantities of sugar. Sigh...

  3. agree about moving on to a different one - she shouldn't annoy you! that said, it sounds like the very act of getting the communication lines open helped. yay!!

  4. Dump the therapist! She should be letting you do most of the talking. Did you and G at least get to bond over how annoying she was being afterwards?

  5. Um, not that there's anything wrong with talking about poo...

  6. So true about small plates. :-)
    I have no experience with therapists, but I really hate it when people put words in my mouth, especially when I care that my message is understood as I want to.
    I don't even bother joining clubs with mums in their title, I will surely not fit it, no matter what kind of club it is, so why not stay home and catch p on ironing or watching tv?
    The online shopping is gathering momentum in our house as well. 'I can always return it if I don't like it, or it does not fit'. Unless the shoes are too small, I never return stuff, either hoping to slim down and squeeze into the small Ls or large Ms, or I just wear them as they are (good or larger). Or, the third option, I pile them on the 'will wear some day' shelf and wait for the day when I will wear them. Or toss them. I am an awful, wasteful shopper.
    Isn't wine great?
    How about pancakes? I wanted once to make omlette, but George 'does not like it', because he does not know it, and has zero intention of trying. So I put the eggs into muffin forms, added a bit of cheese, and baked them until they were not runny anymore. I told him I made 'vanilla muffins'. Yes, I lie. I would stand on my head if he would eat at home at least a quarter of what he eats in kindergarten... And spin, and do cartwheels. Even rap. In Dr. Seuss rhymes. Whatever it would take. But I know the truth and just resume lying. With loads of love, of course.