Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Fresh Start

While part of me is sad that the summer is over, the other part acknowledges that this summer completely sucked and I am more than ready for a clean slate. Obviously I've made no headway on any "summer goals" but I continue to be hopeful that I'm returning to myself. I'm making plans! In my planner! The last week I planned out in my planner was from mid-June. Hooray for the "un-calendar" so that the pages aren't wasted. The shorter days became suddenly obvious this week, in the mornings and evenings. The passing of seasons still seems wondrous, if bittersweet.

My eating got completely out of hand the past few weeks, so I'm working on cleaning up my diet, and I've gotten back into working out (I really only skipped the week and a half during/after my trip). Sleeping is going less well. I'm usually able to fall asleep (with or without amb!en) but my sleep is fragmented---I keep drifting in and out of sleep and wake up later than usual and STILL exhausted. Its a known SSRI thing and may not go away. I'm trying to get in bed earlier so I have overall more sleep but its so inefficient!

B starts 1st grade next week. I'm worried a bit about this. He's been SO GREAT this summer, just so much more pleasant to be around. Having more down time and more physical activity is so good for him. He loves to read and write and do math in his head and listen to stories but he does all things while jumping all over the house and bouncing off the walls. The whole sit-still-pay-attention thing does not work for him right now. I don't know if it ever will. I was a perfect fit for traditional schooling so it never occurred to me before how limiting it can be.

L on the other hand has been challenging, a tiny whirling dervish of rage, that spits & hits & scratches & calls me names; "meany-head stupid mommy" has bruises). I'm so glad he is not starting KG this year, though I had initially lamented another year of daycare tuition. He's slowly dropping his nap and the evenings after he doesn't nap he transforms into a little monster until he eventually spits & hits & screams himself to sleep on the floor for a catnap.We are planning his birthday party---he'll be FIVE in a month. WHOA.

I made a list of posts I want to do: recent reads & one-liner reviews, September/fall goals, how things are easier these days with my kids. What else should I write about?


  1. The school setting really is so limiting. The reality is it needs a top down overhaul, and it's never going to get it, and that is really sad. I wish we could make school a place where everyone could feel successful, but that is just not how its set up right now. It's so unfortunate. It's especially hard on young boys. We're already have trouble in preschool, I can only imagine how hard regular school is going to be. Ugh.

    I'm glad you're feeling a bit better, planning things and not feeling so overwhelmed. Small steps in the right direction are so great!

    Not sure what else you should write about. I love your posts no matter what you say. ;)

  2. My summer ALSO really sucked, so sympathy. Maybe the fall will have room for improvement!

  3. Cannot wait to read your post on how things are easier with your kids now...mine are 3 and 2 and it will give me something to look forward to :)

  4. I am so glad to hear things have been better with B. I've been thinking lately about how, in the beginning of September, when it's still light out and fairly warm, we can keep up with many of the things we enjoyed during the summer, like playing outside (and ice cream!). Winter is so hard, though.

    And you can write about anything you want, of course. But you haven't written about your kids in a while, so that might be nice.

    Here's to new beginnings!

  5. I love September and October in philly. I hope this year is easier for B. I still have trouble sitting still all day. I can't imagine going it at age five.