Monday, February 24, 2020


Everyone (except me!) in our house has been very sick and I've had to strip down to the bare essentials in life---see patients, take care of family, and sleep/exercise to save my sanity. So the house is a mess, non-clinical work has been COMPLETELY ignored and is piling up horrifically, and writing here has certainly not happened.

I think we are seeing the light at the end of this particular tunnel---B was fever-free (but still exhausted, coughing painfully, and not eating) this morning. He'll stay home today with G (who is also still sick, but slightly better) and hopefully all will be off to their appropriate places tomorrow.

This weekend kinda sucked. The highlight was a 6 mile run Saturday morning with 2 friends. Yesterday I made a big batch of vegan African peanut stew (adapted from several recipes I've used over the years) which was satisfying. Otherwise I was pretty much at home doing chores & administering to sick people. (And snacking too much, whoops).

Oh! And baby sitter searching because the icing on the shit cake that was this weekend: our babysitter quit with ONE WEEK NOTICE. OMG. So there's that. She wasn't that great but a reliable adult is all I ask for at this point.

And I'm on call this week! Yay! Week 5/6 of this academic year. I've also scheduled lots of clinic patients and still need to catch up on the paper revisions and paper reviews that are due this week. I really really really really hope I don't catch what they had!

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