Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Running Start

I can't believe I've been running again regularly, after many years off. I've gone twice a week all month and it feels SO GOOD to be out in the crisp, cool mornings (with pleasant company!) that I actually have to stop myself from adding another day. I know my knees/hips would start to protest if I upped the frequency and I'm going for a sustainable habit.

I downloaded the "RunTracker" app which gives me distance and pace, including splits, so that's some fun data to follow. I average 9.5 minutes/mile most days (today was drizzly and slow, closer to 10 minutes/mile). Weekday runs are 3 miles, weekends we do a bit more (4-5 so far, nothing crazy!)

I hope I can keep this up---I'm worried that the heat will do me in later, my perfect running temp is in the 30s/40s and we've had exactly that all month (weirdly and somewhat alarmingly, since ITS SUPPOSED TO BE COLDER).

The one downside is that running makes me HUNGRY way more than any other exercise. So on the calorie side, I'm sure its a wash.

On a completely different topic: I am inspired by SHU's idea to time track her call week and plan to do that later this month. I am hoping it can help me further shift my mindset from pre-call dread and during-call hatred and complaining to realizing that while it CAN be terrible, it can also be no big deal, so I should just take it as it comes.


  1. Because of your post I got up from the lazy chair and went for a jog. 2.5 miles later, I have you to thank. It's weird how a post from a stranger on the internet can motivate you like that. Thank you!

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