Wednesday, November 4, 2020


I worked at a local polling location, directing people to the correct division to cast their vote (the ward is divided into divisions, and multiple divisions may vote at the same building, but at different booths). It was a fantastic way to 1) help and 2) stay busy and off the news.  It was actually pretty low turnout, and I've convinced myself its because most people voted early....

Then I stayed up way too late drinking wine and eating chips & Halloween candy and freaking out. Only to go to bed and wake up and...continue freaking out, but this time with coffee. I'm usually as cynical as the next gen Xer but someone I was optimistic that the VAST majority of the country could look around and see the absolute cluster&*(k we are in and feel compelled to FIRE the "leader" that got us here. The fact that its so close makes me sick to my stomach. No matter the outcome, this has shown me that our country is not what I thought/hoped it was and that is going to take a while to process and come to terms with that reality. 

I am technically "off" today, but I'm doing some work and dare I say? I'm feeling more caught up with things. Its also sunny and much warmer today so I'll go take a walk and take the kids to the park after school is over. We are going camping tomorrow. It'll be nearly 70 degrees and sunny all weekend and I can't think of anything I need more right now than some time by the fire or reading in the hammock. 


  1. Yes. I really was stupid enough to hope for a Biden landslide. I do think he'll win.....but way too close for comfort and without the senate..... ugh.

    I had a similar junk food + alcohol binge and am determined today to do something good for my body, my soul, my house, and my students...

    1. I like that. I can pledge to do one good thing for my body, soul, family, and work.

  2. Thanks for doing the important ground-level work! Yes--I have no idea who is voting for the liar-loser-cheat-fascist-clown.

  3. So glad you got to do meaningful work for the election! Crossing fingers it all turns out ok.