Thursday, September 19, 2013

Two Years

Happy 2 year blogoversary to me!

I realized I completely missed the one year birthday of this blog, so I made a note on my calendar (is it only me that consistently has trouble spelling this word right?) to mark this day.

I love this space. I really do. I love the connections and friendships I've made. I love having somewhere to craft and release my thoughts and feelings. And I love the somewhat-ridiculous but utterly effective exercise of crowd-sourcing solutions to my most personal problems.

And of course I love you guys. I read and consider every single comment I get, whether I reply to it or not. And every time I get an email with a comment, I still get a tiny twinge of excitement. I wish you guys were all here, and we could sit down with big full glasses of malbec (or your beverage of choice) and talk about life and love and marriage and kids and all the wonderful and horrible in this world.

And for you lurkers (I know you're there, I've seen my stats...way more people read here than comment)---I love you too, simply for being here.




  1. "The somewhat ridiculous but utterly effective exercise of crowd-sourcing solutions to my most personal problems" - you hit the nail on the head!

    I'm glad to have discovered you. Happy blogoversary!

  2. Happy blogoversary! And a margarita for me, please!!! :)

  3. What?! Only two years? It surely seems like I have known you since we were teens. And that surely was decades ago. No, not surely, more than certain. Let's just not count the decades though. Let's get back to TWO.
    Two years! WOW! Congratulations! Isn't this so much better than counting decades? :-)