Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Weekend Recap

Taking a break from Operation Head-shrink for a moment. I, no we, had a truly fabulous 4-day weekend. I need to document it for posterity (or at least for myself, for when I feel myself sliding into the grumpies).  We all woke up Friday morning feeling just fine, and continued that way throughout the weekend. The boys were happy, G & I were happy, even the dog was happy.

What made it so amazing? Several things. We had so much time each day that we didn't have to rush the kids, which relieved a LOT of tension. I went out and about with both boys on my own Friday which was really confidence-building. It was almost easier, not having to consult another adult. I had a loose schedule but let the kids call the shots. I also planned very well how to get our chores done (early in the AM) without them intruding on our entire day. We both decided that our cooking would be done by Sunday so that Monday would feel like a "free day". We had really easy meals that didn't involve much cooking/clean-up (noodles, hot dogs, sandwiches for the boys, take-out, pasta, and a meal out for us). G had some time off to spend with a friend (I didn't this weekend, but I often do, and he NEVER does...I was so so happy he took the time). G & I actually spent time together after the kids were in bed instead of going our own way, or collapsing in front of the TV. 

Here's the play by play:

Friday: I went for a morning run. G went to work. I hung out at home with the boys, slowly getting ready and then we left the house and were out ALL DAY, from 10-5 with B on his scooter and me pushing L in the stroller. We went to the "dinosaur museum" (Natural Science Museum) for a few hours, then to a nearby park to eat and play in the water and eat some more and then BACK to the dinosaur museum at B's insistence. L slept in the stroller for a short nap around noon (when B was eating at the park) and a longer nap after we left the museum. To lengthen the nap as much as possible, we got home and immediately headed back out with the dog for a walk and then to a nearby park where B played.

Soon after we arrived home, G was back and in rare form. The break he got from the daycare drop-off and pick-up routine seemed to have revitalized him. He was playful and fun with the boys, delighting them with magic tricks and roughhousing. The boys got through dinner/bath/bed without incident and then the two of us had a drink and sat outside. We ordered Thai food and started watching a movie (fell asleep halfway through). I thought to myself as we went to bed that it was a perfect day in every way.

Saturday: I got up early with L and had my coffee outside while he ran around playing. G went to the gym while I got the boys ready. I took B to the grocery store with me (him on scooter, me pushing empty stroller that is essential for grocery transport) and we got our week's shop done. Got home and played for a few hours. Went swimming at the Y in the afternoon. L slept and B & I watched part of a movie (Toy Story for the millionth time) while G made hummus to take with us to a party. Went to friend's house for block party---boys had a BLAST eating all kinds of food and jumping on the bouncy house (and eating lots of chocolate; said friend sells chocolate on-line as a side business and had tons of samples to try!). Got back too late and got kids into bed quickly. I fell asleep while G was reading stories to B.

Sunday: I worked out at home and then proceeded to cook up a storm. Before 10AM I had made the following:
  • peas hummus for boys' lunch
  • steamed carrots for boys' lunch
  • pesto from my basil plant
  • baked seasoned tofu
  • vegetable/tofu stir-fry with my own peanut/lime/ginger sauce concoction
  • garlic/wine kale
  • seasoned chicken sausage and mushrooms to put on pasta or use in omelets throughout the week
G went to brunch with a friend. I read lots and lots of books to the boys. After L's afternoon nap, went BACK to the dinosaur museum (B's request, he wanted daddy to see the T Rex since he missed it on Friday). Got ice cream on the way home, and then dinner/bath/early to bed.

Monday: Plans fell apart when it was pouring rain and B slept until nearly 10AM. Made pancakes. Tried to go the park during a lull in the rain but got soaked within 5 minutes. More books were read. While L napped, we convinced (with tantrums and tears) B to watch a different movie, and the 3 of us watched Finding Nemo. He approved, eventually. Popcorn helped. It actually stopped raining for good so we headed to the park. L finally learned to scooter! Which caused B to get jealous and possessive of his scooter and now I'm hunting down a used one to buy. Headed back home and had a bit of a rushed time trying to get the kids fed and bathed and ready because we had a sitter coming! G & I went for a nice (though pricey) meal. Well-deserved night out. Probably should have drank a bit more water and less booze...headache-y this morning and skipped my run for the first time in a loooonnng while.

There were certainly tantrums, and lost tempers, and mountains of laundry but there were lots of laughs and honest-to-goodness fun

Have a busy day (and week) ahead, but I'm actually already looking forward to next weekend!


  1. That sounds wonderful! It's amazing how much better everything gets when you're not rushing off to school and work, and you're not overtired. Glad you and G had some time for the two of you, too.

  2. sounds like a great weekend. i was, myself, happy it was tuesday this morning. long weekends can be exhausting.

  3. That sounds like a fabulous weekend! Nice to hear you sounding happy and relaxed!

  4. The dinosaur museum rocks as a weekend activity. Also the zoo, most of the time (we went this weekend but it ended in an ER visit and stitches...)