Wednesday, January 6, 2016

But every book in it is a friend...

First, thanks for all your comments on your last post. So: diet and money posts get the most comments. Interesting. I'm feeling great today, I think it was the zero carb breakfast after working out and then super late lunch that made me feel icky. If it happens again after 2 weeks, I'll add in a little carbs to post-workout breakfasts, but I also feel like I may get used to it with time. Today I didn't work out & had some peanuts mid-morning so I wasn't so carb-deficient. No real benefits yet, but its way early. I do hope to make it a full month, which is why I've set myself up for success and not completely restricted everything I like to eat.

I've been reading a lot the past few years. After of years of reading hiatus for studying and training and babies (and the resultant exhaustion that made "reading in bed" laughable) I've gotten back into the habit and then some. When do I read? Mostly in the evenings, for 10-60 minutes depending on what I'm doing (sometimes I go straight upstairs after I get the kids down and I read all evening, other times, I may manage to read a few pages before I turn out the light or none at all). Earlier in the year, L still napped on weekends, but only ON one of us, so I would grab my Kindle and read for 2-3 hours with him on my chest/head/belly. He stopped doing that for better & worse! Vacations, especially now that the kids watch movies on the plane, I can read. During our holiday trip I didn't even finish  one book, but on our beach trip, I read 4. Any downtime I have, like waiting for an appointment. Occasionally a few minutes in the morning while I drink coffee. If I'm reading something really really addictive, I'll keep reading when I brush my teeth, dry/straighten my hair, and cook a meal and any second I have that my mind & eyes don't actively need to be elsewhere!

I read on my Kindle, mostly, unless I really want a book from the library that they have only in paper form. With my Kindle I can read in bed with the lights off, and can carry it one-handed to read while I do other things. Its also so light & easy to travel with or bring along anywhere. I get >90% of books from the library, though I'll occasionally buy something if its really cheap ($1-$3) or I want to support the author or I know I will read & re-read it. If I do buy a book for full price, I'll tend towards buying paper. I usually read one book at a time, but I may combine fiction with non-fiction or Kindle with paper or just go back and forth if I have a bunch due back at the library soon.

What do I read? Mostly popular fiction. Some non-fiction (currently I'm juggling/skimming 3 non-fiction books: 10% Happier, the Lifechanging Magic of Tidying Up, and No-Drama Discipline). I read books that are recommended by my sister, friends, & blogs. I also read a few books a year for my book club, which was on hiatus for 6 months but we are resurrecting.

My favorite books that I read in 2015 (in no particular order),
  • Big Little Lies Liane Moriarty
  • 11/22/63 Steven King
  • The Blue Castle LM Montgomery
  • Station Eleven Emily St John Mandel
  • The Light Between Oceans ML Stedman
  • The Handmaid's Tale Margaret Atwood
  • Lexicon Max Berry
  • Ready Player One Ernest Cline
I actually expect to read LESS in 2016. Without L's nap time, I lose a big chunk of weekend reading time. I'm also trying to use my evenings in different ways (we'll see how that goes, that has been a goal of mine for YEARS) instead of just passive entertainment (books/TV). I want to try more challenging material, outside my reading comfort zone and to reread things I haven't revisited in years (some classics, some things I am hoping to get my kids into soon).


  1. I am so impressed at your reading! Josh just read Ready Player One and really liked it. Between him, you, and Modern Ms Darcy I think I am sold :) On 2016 list. I did kindle for a while but realized I really really really yearned for physical books. I need to be better about using the library!

  2. Great post. I read more books this year than I have in several years (in 2014 I finished grad school + the first year of my second child's life, so I finally felt like I was able to prioritize reading again in 2015) and I'm hoping to keep it up in 2016. Station Eleven was one of the best books I read in 2015 as well. I've also been using the library lately and it's been life-changing! I would love to see book review-type posts on your blog :)

  3. Here from Mel's roundup. I also read Station Eleven, Ready Player One, and Big Little Lies this year and enjoyed them all (especially Station Eleven).

    I have not been able to transition to an e-reader, although I know I should, especially for commuting and when travelling. Maybe this year I will try to branch out!

  4. Your reading times sound much like mine, but I also use the bus when going to/from work or elsewhere and the kids aren't with me. I have been enjoying kindle books too, because of the same reasons. I've not read any that you mentioned, but I think I might have inherited The Handmaid's Tale from my mom. I should check it out...some day. :)