Thursday, January 7, 2016

The boys, right now

totally stealing this idea from SHU, when I realized I haven't really posted much about my kids in a while. This is, of course, mostly intentional---I don't feel as comfortable sharing their lives as they get older and own their own stories. But I also love looking back at what I wrote and remembering how it felt, so for memory's sake, here we go! (wow this is long, feel free to skim or skip, this is for me!)

B, newly 6, looks and sounds like a BIG KID
School/Activities: Kindergarten at our local elementary, then aftercare program a few blocks away where 4 day/week does a class (karate M/Th, gymnastics/tumbling T/Th) the rest of the time until pick up (and on W) he colors. Some issues initially with behavior at aftercare that have completely resolved. Doesn't get "perfect" behavior grades at school mostly because he is squirming/moving/making random noises all the time, but otherwise got all good marks on report card (knows all necessary skills, moved up to higher reading table & getting extra math HW)
Sleep: 8:30-7:30 weekdays, hasn't napped regularly since 2, not a single nap since 3
Eating: LOVES eating and can eat more than me when its something he likes---we have to cut him off and slow him down, he'll stuff his face. he likes: Pizza, meat (chicken, turkey, bacon, fish), nachos, pasta with WHITE sauce only, pancakes, turkey sandwich on SOURDOUGH bread only, chicken/hummus wraps, thin & crispy omelettes, oranges, peas.  His favorite snack is orange cheese doodles (like cheetos) and cheddar popcorn. His favorite treat is: donuts (but he will not refuse any other sweet or candy!)
Likes to do: LOVES coloring things we print for him off the internet (mostly Disney princesses) and will do this for hours, listening to music, watching shows/movies (including some non-cartoon movies like back to the future and star wars), Lego kits (he is REALLY good at this, and has put together 450 piece kit with very minimal help), playing "Star Wars" or "Princess game" (acting out the stories), being read to, scootering & playgrounds
Loves: glitter. disney princesses, Star Wars (favorite character is Darth Vader)
Hates: not getting what he wants, baths, brushing, bed time, the cold, the rain
Skills: 100% independent with bathroom needs! (huge!) learning to read! doing basic math. Swimming progressing (can swim 1/4 length of pool). Very good memory, and has a great sense of time (always knows what day it is, including date and how many days until X happens or Y happens, can figure out what day we are in the year (i.e. this is the 155th day of the year). Language is incredibly mature, but still has adorable little mistakes like "ting" for "thing". still doesn't have good sense of his body in space---often steps on us, knocks things over, etc... and isn't doing well in karate or gymnastics (though he loves it). Developing a sense of humor, sometimes makes me legit laugh.
Personality: VERY ACTIVE. never sits still, can walk/run/scooter miles. walks around/jumps/falls during school and when eating. Distracted---selective deafness, can't carry out simple instruction (just forgets), skips parts of HW, forgets to bring home book to read, etc... Sensitive--cries often. Very low tolerance for disappointment/frustration and tends towards negative glass-is-COMPLETELY-EMPTY OMG I NEVER GET ANYTHING EVER mentality that leads to MAJOR anger and tantrums. Does get really excited about things in an adorable way before hand, though. VERY inquisitive and gets really focused on certain things & wants to know everything, asks million questions during movies, and afterwards, to really get the story. But also completely and rudely uninterested if its not something HE brought up that we are trying to teach him about. Though he still likes princesses & his favorite colors are pink & purple, he also asked to cut his hair, get blue (instead of pink) shoes, and no longer says he is a girl. Does like other people and is not shy to chat with adults, but is awkward with kids & hasn't made good friends yet in K.

L, 4 3/12. still very much a little kid in my eyes. sucks his thumb, likes to cuddle, high-pitched voice with lisp
School/Activities: Same daycare, now in pre-K class with the same teacher B had for 2 years who we adore! Still gets in trouble some for hitting, spitting, etc... but is also very eager to please the teacher (and us) & is proud when he gets a "good job" sticker, so its improving. Refuses to do ANY sports or activities saying he is "too little" even though he actually is quite skilled and I think would do really well in any sport.
Sleep: 8:30-7:30, plus naps at school and the rare stroller/car nap on weekends
Eating: not a great eater. Loves oatmeal, egg white omelettes & scrambled eggs, apples/berries/mango, carrots, red bell pepper, pasta with RED sauce, pb&J sandwich, plain rice, chicken/hummus wrap, tacos, "bars". Favorite snack is pretzels. Favorite "treat" is candy (but won't refuse anything else sweet). he is my kid that drinks the syrup and leaves the pancakes. he only eats the frosting off the cake.
Likes to do: "play", which is a complex and incomprehensible pretend play he can do with action figures, cars, whatever he's in to or can find. Making small random lego creations. Coloring---but only for 15-20 minutes. Watching movies/shows (curious george current fave). Playing "superheros" or "star wars". Playing WITH someone (i.e. i have to be Chewy, or roll cars around or make the lego structures he then plays with/breaks)
Loves:  his thumb, superheros, star wars, Donald Duck/Winnie the Pooh/Pound Puppy that are on his bed.  SNOW (asks for it daily, since November) Wearing superhero shirts.
Hates: non-superhero shirts, brushing (esp. flossing), baths, dinner, walking (likes sitting in stroller or being carried, gets tired REALLY quickly), socks being on wrong/sleeves not reaching past his wrists
Skills: speech has EXPLODED in past 6 months, can have a conversation! Lots of cute mispronunciations, phrasing ("taking for a lot of time" instead of "taking a long time") and lisping (can't say "J" sound, so "jumps" is "drumps"). Can count to 10, but gets hazy after that. Can't yet identify all letters, but can do the letters in his name. very hazy sense of time---everything in past is "yesterday", everything in future is "tomorrow" and can't tell days of week/month. When he's not tired, can run & scooter fast, can do a couple monkey bars. Very creative at drawing things & making up stories. Very aware and attentive---can carry out several part instructions without problem, will notice what needs to be done and do it without asking. I think he's the class clown, he does funny faces & dances all the time and tells me his friends laugh. Aware of his body and can manipulate it to kick, throw, dance, taught himself really well-done somersaults & karate kicks/punches just by watching B once or twice.
Personality: happy and grateful, interested in everything. loves to help with any and everything. never asks for or expects much. Loving, snuggly---he'll give us random hugs or "I love yous", we get gushing thanks for every hand-me-down that no longer fits B. Also very strong-willed and stubborn. If he wants something he doesn't get, he will hit/spit/call you "stupid" and "mean". Can be REALLY clingy and whiny when he doesn't get a nap (i.e. all weekends/holidays). Shy and distrusting of others, even family, until he warms up he can give a wicked side eye & refuse to engage.

together---Very recently I noticed that they were getting better at playing interactively & cooperatively. Its super cute when they work together, even when they are scheming against us (they aren't that wiley, they won't get past us...yet!). They still, however, fight a lot. I don't like them to be together without adult supervision (especially after B maybe/maybe not pushed L down the stairs last month; L insists he did, B denies, I didn't see). L provokes B (taking or ruining his things, teasing/taunting him, flat out hitting him) and then B lashes out and hits/pushes him and L gets hurt & cries and B gets in trouble (though we are trying to also discipline L if we see that he was provoking)

As challenging as it is in the day to day, sometimes I want to freeze time.


  1. So sweet! I might have to steal idea, too. I never post about my daughter anymore.

  2. B really does sound a lot like my son!

  3. Love this.

    It's amazing how things can change so quickly. A just spent an hour entertaining herself with a sticker book. A year ago this would never EVER happen. Your kids sound like such strong and cute personalities.

    Also: independence with bathroom needs - cannot even IMAGINE but sounds amazing.