Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowy Weekend

We got a pretty good dumping, about 2 feet. The snow-weekend madness began Friday when G & I, after an unsettling appointment with B's therapist, skipped our planned sushi lunch date and went to every store in a 5-mile radius (it seems) to find snow boots for B. We completely didn't think to buy him any, and when we tried them on Thursday night (even though we KNEW about the snow for over a week), they were 3 sizes too small (they sort of fit L, though, so we were 50% in luck). Not one child-sized snow boot remained anywhere! I had already asked on the local mom's board, our neighborhood Buy Nothing group, texted several friends, and even desperately posted to my Facebook wall, to no avail. Too-small rain boots were our only option.

The snow began Friday night. It was beautiful. There was a foot and a half Saturday morning all clean & fluffy and it kept coming down on & off all day. I couldn't help grinning like a kid and frolicking in it when I took the dog out for her morning walk. There is something about the first snow fall of the season that will never fail to amaze this southern girl. I walked for a long time. The city is so uncharacteristically CLEAN and quiet and peaceful. It just sounds & feels different covered in snow. Everything is equal---the streets and sidewalks blend together and you just walk wherever. People are friendly, no one in a hurry to get anywhere.

The boys wanted to get out there before they even finished their breakfasts! We played in our back yard, built a little snowguy that B promptly kicked over, then headed indoors for hide-and-seek, legos, book reading, skyping with grandparents, etc... before heading out again, to the park with the lid of a giant plastic bin as a "sled". We decided to go to the bar across the street for dinner, just for fun and because no one wanted to cook or clean. Road block opiate? Maybe. But I'm not against strategically utilized pain medication when warranted.

It was wonderful to have an entire day without any chores to do, or anywhere we needed to be. Even the gym was closed, so no workout or swim lessons. Just playing together, all day, indoors and out.

Sunday was more of the same, but I did do laundry, grocery shopped, and prepped a bit for the week. We watched a movie with the kids in the afternoon---another anomaly, since we usually take advantage of their movie time to get chores done. I didn't feel like cooking again so I ate nuts & cheese for dinner (7 more days of low carb, and I'm sticking to it, though I did have some nachos & chicken bites at dinner Saturday).

B's school is closed, so G has to stay home. He didn't feel like trekking across town to take L to daycare, so all the boys will hang out. When I left, they were all headed to the gym; the boys were going to the childcare while G worked out. They had plans for lunch out & library later. I'm a bit jealous, but I've got stuff to do. I really really hope school is open tomorrow or B is going to have to go to daycare with L.

The beautiful winter wonderland is on its way to becoming a disgusting muddy, dirty, trash-covered hell that will last the next 2 months. But I'm glad we got to enjoy it while it lasted!


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I used to be like that about snow, but after last winter I am pretty much done for life. We got about 3" yesterday, and that was enough.

  2. That sounds so nice! We have yet to get any real snow, but I'm happy to deal with a muddy, brown winter after what we had for the last two years. This is a welcome change!

  3. It is beautiful! At least for a few days. My 6-year-old keeps trying to convince me there is enough snow that he can jump off the (second floor) porch. Um, no. But it was cool to sled down the steps.

  4. I hope the unsettling thing has gotten better.