Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Long Weekend Update

Its official. Posts about money are absolutely the biggest draw. Too bad I have little more to say on the topic at the moment. So you guys get to hear about my unexciting weekend!

It was actually a great weekend. It started off on Friday night with a really great conversation between G & I about the book I've started reading (No Drama Discipline) and the idea of connecting with your kids. And then how HARD it is to connect with them when they are acting up and how to let go of our expectations and not get so ANGRY. Which led to discussing the LAST book I read (10% Happier) and how meditation and mindfulness is the best technique I can think of for retraining your brain to respond logically rather than react emotionally, and to become less attached to outcomes. We decided to work on it this weekend.

Did it work? Or were they just better behaved in general? I don't know, but it was pretty great. Its so much easier to have patience with B's antics (grumpiness, complaining, demanding, crying) when they are once in a while and not ALL DAY LONG every second of the day. This is going to sound awful but...he's a lot better behaved when he's sick. He had a cold Saturday/Sunday---no fever, just tired and coughing/sneezing. That decrease in energy from constant wild animal frenzy to...normal kid boisterous made him seem downright docile.

Other highlights:
  • I went to the gym Saturday & Sunday for INTENSE workouts
  • friends we haven't seen in a year over for breakfast Saturday to catch up
  • Date night to bowling alley with restaurant Saturday night---I had carbs! So worth it!
  • Children's Museum Sunday (me & boys); we didn't have a membership last year so it's been a while and they played for 4 hours (until 3 minutes after official closing time!)
  • G took kids to "Dinosaur Museum" Monday and I had about 4 hours to myself. I did some work-work, some cooking, and watched Gilmore Girls (ugh, Rory, really?) and scenes from Harry Potter that made me cry. 
  • Spreading out our usual chores over 3 days made each day way more relaxed.
  • I played "Star Wars" with the boys for 2.5 hours Monday morning. I still dislike it, but they are so happy. I kept reminding myself that the years are short. One day they will stop asking me to play with them.
  • Did not leave the house yesterday. Heard it was freakin' cold out there (was pretty cold inside, too). Stayed in with layers of coziness and endless mugs of tea.
  • Sunday night L was up most of the night because his legs hurt and he needed them massaged (we'd already given him pain meds and it didn't work)---I ended up sleeping in his twin bed with him because he kept getting up, crawling to the door and SCREAMING. 
  • Our washer started leaking. We thought we knew what it was (too expensive to fix) but weren't 100% sure so called a repair guy (which was why I got to had to stay home Monday). Yup, it was the tub seal/bearing and fixing it costs as much as the cheapest new washer. Did OK not freaking out about the cost (may not even need e-fund to cover), but still annoying because its not even 10 years old!
Hope you guys had a nice weekend! I've got strict internet/social media limits for this week (lots to do!) and my time is up.


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! We went to a little local history museum, had lunch out, went to the library, and then watched a LOT of netflix the next day because the weather was bad. I just have to hang in here one more day before DH gets back.

  2. Sounds like the perfect weekend, really. Well, minus the washer part. We had gastro in the house this weekend, so ours wasn't so much fun. I'm almost glad to be back at work tonight!

    Don't feel bad- my daughter is much easier to manage when she's sick as well. Of course I hate seeing her suffer, but a couple of days of reduced energy is a welcome break for me.

  3. My daughter was sick so the first two days were really nice (horrible to say, I know). Monday sucked. All in all in was a fine weekend. You're right that having that extra day to get shit done make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. I wonder, if we always had three day weekends would they start to feel as hectic and hurried as two day weekends feel now? I would like to think they wouldn't, but who knows...

    I wanted to ask you, what do you do if you have a busy weekend, as far as getting all that stuff done. I do push a lot of my chores to the weekend, but then if we have a few things planned, I don't get enough laundry done, or cleaning up done, and the whole next week feels like a shit show as I scramble to make up for the lost time. How do you manage busy weekends with all you are supposed to get done on those days?

    1. I have no secret. yes, it falls apart if we have a busy weekend. we DO have to grocery shop & prep food for lunches though, since daycare doesn't provide food & B refuses to get cafeteria lunch. We just stay up late Sunday night doing this if there really isn't time (though there almost always is, unless we are out of town)