Tuesday, October 18, 2016


I just submitted my grant! Whoo. Now to start thinking about the next one (and then the next one, and so forth). Its been crazy busy but in a productive, challenging way. I love this part of my job. Even if I worked a good chunk of the weekend to get this done.

Everything else has been good. The kids are adorable and fun (most of the time). G and I are fine, though we have had very limited time together in the past few weeks. I'm working out, eating too much, not sleeping enough---all the same.

I got a Darth Vader costume from a neighbor that fits B, so now L wants to be Darth Vader and I ordered him a costume. Same neighbor also had an adult costume (Darth Vader), which looks HUGE so maybe G can wear that? I guess we will have Vader Clones. Not sure what I'm going to be (probably not Darth Vader...) I like dressing up (nothing elaborate, maybe just some accessories) to go with the kids. I don't really go "all in" on the holidays in general, I figure if I'm going to pick one, Halloween is a low-key fun one. We have a pumpkin we will carve this weekend. The boys wanted "decorations" so maybe I'll get some of that webbing and put some creepy crawly toys on it and put that outside.

I know there are 168 hours, etc... but there never seem to be enough hours to get in all the stuff I want to do---at work, at home, with the kids, with friends, with G, for myself. I have backlogs of books and cooking projects and home projects and our "fall fun" list, and work outs...I just keeping finding things to add. I think its a good problem to have.

I completely fell off the YNAB wagon for the past 2 months. I'm not sure how to re-start. Should I zero everything out and start from scratch? Start where we left off? G has been adding stuff, but I haven't so the budget looks bizarre. Anyone do this before? 

Now its 84 degrees out, and B was feeling sick this morning and probably needs some rest, and G forgot to buy the things I need to make salads for lunch. I am out of here.


  1. I would go with restarting the budget at zero. Having to go back and make two months of entries seems really daunting, and if it were me, it would just keep me forever procrastinating from starting again. The past two months of expenses have already been spent and are irreversible, so just start fresh.

    Also, I have zero children and zero grants to write, but I also perpetually find myself with not enough time. I think it's just part of the human condition and our insatiable desire to do more.

  2. Hi, I've just started following your blog :) I've gotta say, I love how much your kids are into Star Wars at such a young age (and that Death Star piƱata was just amazing!). Please tell me your costume will be SW related too! I wish Halloween was more of a thing down here. I'm going to be getting a bag or two of chocolate bars, but I think I've only had about two trick or treaters turn up in my whole life. Still, I'd hate for someone to turn up and not have any candy for them!

    Take care,