Monday, October 3, 2016

The Light Side of the Force

Just an update on the awesome stuff.
  • B has been much more balanced and cheerful lately. He is happy and pleasant maybe 2/3-3/4 of the time now, as opposed to the near-constant grumpiness and bad attitude that was his norm. I've spent a lot of one on one time with him and its been so much fun, I actually look forward to it!
  • The kids are playing together so well these days! It may be related to above, since L always adored his older brother but B never deigned to give him much attention before. But it makes our job so much easier! Yes they still fight and bicker, but they also ask each other to play, help each other, and play legos for up to an hour at a time, jabbering away about who knows what the whole time.
  • We had L's birthday party yesterday and it was a resounding success. We made this pinata and I made these cupcakes and they both turned out just like the pictures (and delicious, the cupcakes I mean). We had to move the party from Saturday because it was forecasting rain so I had all day to methodically and obsessively follow the recipe which is really my problem with baking---I am impatient and try to be "efficient" but f it all up. L's best friends all came and they had a blast fighting with the light-up lightsabers we got, and running around the park. Such a low-key and fun party!
  • I took Friday off since B had the day off school. I did spend 5+ hours working (while B built a large lego kit and read books), but took a break to help him empty his entire piggy bank and count up the $9.72 and then walk >1 mile to Target to buy his brother a birthday present. He bought a small lego kit and could NOT WAIT to give it to him, so he got his present Friday night. I think B was way more excited about it then L it was ADORABLE. 
  • I'm working from home tomorrow (B had today/tomorrow off, too...G's at home with both boys today) and I will take a break to bake birthday cookies for L's actual birthday on Wednesday. I will also wrap his presents and I can't wait either and may give them to him early (since I have to leave super early for work and probably won't see him Wednesday morning)
  • We are planning Halloween costumes. I think October may be my favorite parenting month ever, since L is the perfect kid for a theme party and Halloween is just fun. 
  • I'm reading a new book that is entertaining so far.
  • I had a super productive day today.
  • It stopped raining. 
  • We won't see 90 degrees again for at least 9 months. I can wear pants! Boots! Cardigans! Dresses with linings! (sorry SHU, you can rub it in come January)


  1. So good to read all of this. Great news all around.

    I also am loving October. It's such a fun month for us too. Our son's birthday, Halloween. We usually get really nice weather in October too. After the insanity that is September, I really love welcoming October.

  2. That is so nice about B's behavior! I am happy for you.

    I am feeling a little overwhelmed by fall and all the holidays. The Jewish holidays are right now, J's birthday was Saturday, my mom's birthday is today. Then Halloween, my dad's birthday (he's turning 70, so there are plans to be made), then Thanksgiving, Chanukah, C's birthday, New Year's. It's all a bit much!