Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sunny Days

This past few weeks really flew by! I am up against a deadline, and definitely plan to take a day off at home to myself when my grant is in just to catch up on random stuff (and reading and vegging). I try to do this every 6 months and its the absolute best.

L's birthday week is over. I can't believe my youngest is FIVE. This big-kid world is everything I've dreamed of, though, even though we're not fully two feet in (next year, when he starts KG, and they are both in the same place every day will be so much easier, though the thought of saying goodbye to our daycare makes me cry).

This weekend my sister & family came to visit. The kids had a cousin-y good time, as usual, even though it rained the entire time. Our apple-picking plan got changed to indoor children's museum, to my disappointment. At least the kids still had fun. Of course its sunny all week & rainy all weekend. OF COURSE IT IS.

I woke up in the middle of Friday night with the cold sweats & waves of nausea. It was not a good night. Something I ate at our work meeting I'm thinking, because it finally wore off by Saturday evening and I devoured pizza, wine, and chocolate and felt great. But most of Saturday was a wash. I finally fell back asleep around 6 am and slept til 9. G took one look at me and took the boys to the park for a couple of hours while I sipped water, nibbled crackers, and slumped around.

I'm trying really hard to balance everything so I get stuff done & not get overwhelmed & stressed. I am taking advantage of energy when I have it, to tackle long overdue home-related tasks. Yesterday, I went to bed before 9. Hopefully tonight I can sort through our summer clothes to donate all the unworn ones and put the rest into the off-season bins.

I'm taken by the idea of a fairly minimal wardrobe for myself. All summer, I rotated through 6 shift dresses with pockets, and it was awesome not really having to think about what to wear. Too many options, clothes jammed into closets and drawers, blah. And I'm doing WAY BETTER then ever, and it still seems like too much. I think I may be on a "journey towards minimalism" (ha!)

I'm finding moments of anxiety creeping back up. I never did see my therapist again in September. I just don't have time to take a couple hours off work to do that. I should email the old therapist, who should finally be back from maternity leave, to get on her schedule later this month.

I am still working on my goals from September. "Fall goals" I will call them. I came across a page I wrote in my planner back in March about "life plans" where I outlined what I ideally wanted from each area of life. It was spot-on. I need to think about where I am with those and get back on track with some that've fallen by the wayside.

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