Friday, January 18, 2019

Cold Weather Sanity

As I reminder to myself (and maybe you, too!), as the temps dip into the single digits this weekend--a list of things that keep me happy on the most blustery days:

  • Outdoor gear, appropriate & readily accessible. The boots are by the door, the coat is hung up with the scarf & with hat & gloves in the pockets, and I will unearth my leg warmers, too!
  • Indoor gear. This is one I used to forget about, but man I HATE HATE HATE cold feet, so now I have a pair of sherpa lined socks and/or fuzzy slippers stashed all over the place, and several extra warm, thick hoodies. 
  • Warm drinks. Tea is not delicious but dehydration is worse. 
  • Getting outside, morning AND evening. My brain always tries to trick me into believing I will feel better if I never leave the house...its not true.
  • Plans! Again, some weird part of my brain keeps trying to convince me that we will all enjoy a "laid back" weekend hanging out at home but NO! The kids will be fighting and whining and I'll be losing my mind! 
  • Embracing screen time. For when the plans fall through/run out. In the summer, we live at the park...the winter is for movie night.
  • Lights. We have the fairy lights outside still, and a small LED string on the dining table. Makes me happy on the dark long evening.
  • and last but not least: a good attitude. The cold front isn't here to punish us and grumbling about it just makes everyone more miserable. Gear up and lets do it! 


  1. Oh, Ana, your hatred of tea!!! What about decaf coffee?

    LG has fairy lights in the bedroom. We could use some more of them.

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