Friday, January 4, 2019

19 for 2019

The idea is actually from Gretchen Rubin's "Happier" podcast, they did "18 for 2018" and are doing it again this year...its basically a selection of big and small goals to accomplish within the next 12 months. I didn't have the energy to even attempt this last year, but I was feeling it this year! Some of the items stem from the priorities/goals I have already discussed, and some are I've added some explanation as needed...

1. Compost I signed up for the free trial for a city collection, they are delivering the bucket tomorrow and if I like it, we will sign up for weekly pickups. for years I've been meaning to "make my own" because I hated the idea of paying for it...but I hate even more how much trash we generate!

2. Get glasses My vision has changed for the worse with age. I have a prescription, just have to pick out the glasses now.

3. Use Instant Pot Bought it as a Black Friday deal...still sitting in basement. Recipes welcome!

4. Laser bikini/legs Did my armpits last fall. Life changing. Worth every penny. Can't believe I waited this long.

5. Find a therapist 

6. Reach xxx weight (i.e. jeans fit comfortably)

7. Read War and Peace. 

8. Drive our car once/month. I have a semi-phobia about this, after so many years not driving, so I'm trying to intentionally get more practice.

9. Renew passports & get TSA precheck 

10. Try going without housecleaner X 6 months. We fired the cleaner last month because they were becoming really terrible and it was more stressful to have to explain what to do and get everything ready than it would be to just do the damn thing ourselves. If it doesn't work out well I will find someone new.

11. One-on-one dates with kids once/season 

12. Date nights out twice/month

13. Go to play on Broadway with friends 

14. Go to the beach

15. Plan a holiday/winter trip somewhere warm

16. Camping with the dog

17. Summer road trip somewhere cool

18. Host brunch 3 times with different groups of friends

19. Submit 2 big grants


  1. The instant pot!! I have a different brand, but I LOVE it. I can't remember if you're exclusively vegetarian? I make a lot of meat in it. Hard boiled eggs. My favorite go-to on weeknights is rice, water/broth, salsa, beans. You could sub in other flavors for the salsa. But it's SIX MINUTES (after it comes up to pressure, but that requires no monitoring). Yesterday I dumped some leftover chicken in with 1/2 c. water and some barbecue sauce. It was great. Also, POTATOES, 'roasted' or 'baked.' I was a regular crock pot user before; now I rarely use it. This is so much faster.

    1. No, not vegetarian, so definitely planning on doing chicken! and also Indian daals.

  2. And also, I just checked out from our library an Indian food in the Instant Pot book (I don't remember the exact title) that looks very promising once I stock up on some spices I don't routinely use (like whole coriander seeds).

  3. RE house-cleaners: Schedule as immutable two days next to each other where on day 1 you 'do the get ready cor cleaners put away things' prep you did for the cleaners (timer, 15 mins only) and on day 2 (next day) you do the vacuum/clean thing. IF POSSIBLE have every member of family be part of both. Because male and female adults need to know how to do ALL of these chores and no one learns how to do it without practice/doing it. This also helps Everyone become part of daily putting away their stuff.......... DO NOT ALLOW THIS TO BE SOMETHING ONLY MOM OR PARENTS DO!!!!!!! Both adults in your home work full time jobs so like parenting this needs to be equal participation. PS: Studies of gay families PROVE BOTH GENDERS CAN DO ALL TASKS IN PARENTING AND HOME UPKEEP EXCEPT NURSING A BABY AND GESTATING ONE.

    1. Oh yeah, my husband literally did all of it so far, so I need to find a way to do some...contrary to typical gender roles, I inherently care a lot less, and have less energy/need more sleep so he ends up cleaning after I go to bed...

  4. If you decide you want a local cleaner rec, let me know. We've had the same cleaners for 6 years and have been very happy with them. They seem to do ok even if the house is only mostly picked up ahead of time. I hate pre-cleaning for the cleaners! It's such a thorn in our sides.

    1. I think I contacted your cleaner in the past...if its the same one? I may ask you again depending on how this goes. I want to give it 6 months.

  5. We got rid of our cleaners about a year ago and have been generally happy with it, especially using the $ somewhere else.

    Husband and I came up with a list of things that need to be done every week and those to do once a month and divvied it up. Its working well. I actually don't mind deep cleaning (its the daily dishes/laundry that get me down, but short of hiring a daily house keeper). I actually just made a "chart" mostly just to remind us what needs to be done.

    1. This sounds like what we need to do. A "chart" that we can reference