Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Happy 2019!

I am definitely feeling the New Year/Fresh Start mojo this year. I am making lists and plans and filling in the blank pages in my planner. So lets dive in, since one of those plans includes more regular writing in this space because I miss it!

I was going to start this post with a paragraph of how the end of the year was rough, with sickness, traveling, anxiety, poorly behaved children and MILs, etc... And then I went back to review last January's posts to see what goals I had made for the year (answer: NONE, I wasn't feeling it last year!). And my first January post was...word for word the same complaints about the stressful holiday/year end time period. So, lets just gloss over that for now, though I do have some thoughts about preventing a recurrence.

I was thinking of a word for the year and settled on more of a theme instead: "Back to Basics". 2018 was actually a more exciting/adventurous year (for ME, nothing major, just a lot but with the addition of so much extra, I've let the foundations crumble a bit and I'm feeling overall physically and mentally spent. I need to reset and hope the theme (which I'm writing on each monthly goals page in my planner) will remind me to keep those priorities.

What this means practically is to restart the following habits:

  • Wake up early for time to think/plan before the day begins
  • Meditation
  • Exercise 4-5 X/week
  • One month of no alcohol (begins today-Feb 1st since yesterday...didn't happen) and then back to no drinking on weeknights
  • Friday afternoon planning at work
  • One month off FB/IG
So those are the boring "have to dos"I need to recommit to for my health. I've also decided to go with the "19 for 2019" list and am using that to add in more fun and personal growth. I'm also still going through the "what worked and what didn't" list for 2018, and I've got a lot to say there, so stay tuned!


  1. Wine is the other thing I'm not sure I'm going to do on the Whole 30-ish plan. I feel like it's important to my parenting a teen, in the absence of a live-in counselor. ARGH. Good luck!!!

    I'd be interested in your 19. Is that a standard list or something you've devised?

  2. yay! happy new year.

    when i was paleo back in the day (I really liked it by the way; I would do it again someday but not forever I don't think) I did a square of dark chocolate every day and wine a few times a week (a glass of red). that made it tolerable :)