Thursday, November 14, 2019

19 for 2019 update

I was curious, so I looked...overall doing pretty well and looking forward to 20 for 20!

1. Compost. We've been doing this all year. Its cut down on our trash for sure. 

2. Get glasses Done. Next up: "remember to wear glasses" 

3. Use Instant Pot I use it pretty regularly. Not weekly, but definitely once/month. 

4. Laser bikini/legs Need to schedule my next appointment actually. 

5. Find a therapist Been going for a few months now and its very helpful overall

6. Reach xxx weight (i.e. jeans fit comfortably) Hahahah. work in progress. 

7. Read War and Peace. NO, I have no idea why I wanted to do this and not planning on it...

8. Drive our car once/month. Now that I drive for work twice/month I'll consider this goal met. 

9. Renew passports & get TSA precheck No! Have to get on this!!!

10. Try going without housecleaner X 6 months 11 months later I'm looking for a new one

11. One-on-one dates with kids once/season Did not do this at ALL this year. 

12. Date nights out twice/month Most months.

13. Go to play on Broadway with friends We saw "To Kill a Mockingbird" in May. It was great.

14. Go to the beach 2 day trips in September

15. Plan a holiday/winter trip somewhere warm We decided against this one to save up for next summer.

16. Camping with the dog Once in July and going again this month.

17. Summer road trip somewhere cool Our camping trip counted for this

18. Host brunch 3 times with different groups of friends. We try to do this regularly. Its fun and low-key

19. Submit 2 big grants Decided against this to focus on papers. Next year.

13 completed, 2 I am trying do to before the end of the year (lose weight/TSA pre-check) and 4 I abandoned (War & Peace, kid dates, grants, and winter trip). I'm actually pretty happy with the progress!


  1. You should get on the TSA pre thing sooner rather than later. I hear there's a much longer wait than there has been in the past. Husband applied back in June and is yet to be approved for an appointment. It *could* be because he is a naturalized citizen and... well, current politics. But I heard that after the last government shut down they got really behind. Which sucks. I have global entry and it is AMAZING. I hope by the time it expires in 3 years they are caught up again.

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