Friday, November 1, 2019


Well, I didn't get much work done this week but I hired a babysitter. We met her yesterday, and while I was going to meet 2 more people this weekend, one already canceled and I got nervous, and she seemed great so I snapped her up before someone else did!

I am feeling incredibly relieved right now, and looking forward to finishing up here and going home for pizza/movie/wine night.

I will have to work this weekend, since I'm giving a talk next week that I have not even started preparing. But we have a family bike ride with my cousin, and a date night planned Saturday as well.
Also the incessant drizzle finally moved on, and its crisp and cool and sunny, which always cheers me up (it was nearly 80 degrees yesterday, the kids were broiling in their halloween costumes!)

I did NOT go trick or treating, so I owe one to G for going out for HOURS with the boys. I sat on the stoop to hand out candy for a little while but got bored since not too many people came by, so I just put a big bin of it outside (people don't really knock in our neighborhood, people just hang out outside and its usually really fun, but it was sparse this year).

G and I need a new TV show to watch together that is on Hulu or Amazon (we temporarily got rid of Netflix and HBO), any recs? I love when we have a show we look forward to watching a few times a week and we haven't done that since we watched Chernobyl this summer.


  1. I'm so glad you found a babysitter! I hope she works out.

    Q and I really loved Good Omens on Amazon.

  2. Marvilous Ms. Mazel is good.

  3. Bosch and Jack Ryan are my favorites on Amazon currently. I also just started watching Modern Love (also on Amazon).

  4. Our roku is too old so is no longer compatible with Amazon streaming and won't be with netflix as of 12/1! ANNOYING! Will be getting a new tv in a few weeks. Our old tv was so cheap and crappy, and the sound was terrible. We were sure when we bought it that it would break in a year or two. NOPE. Have had it 10 years and it is still crappy and the sound is terrible, but it works just fine. We just decided screw it and to buy a new one anyway. I can't believe how cheap TVs have gotten.

  5. Undone on Amazon. One of the best shows of the year.

  6. Congrats on the new sitter! Sneakers