Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Happy Day

I'm writing this from a neighborhood cafe, where I came to get some work done while the sitter is hanging out with the boys. They had the day off school and I was originally planning to take the day completely off but panicked when I got behind last week and scheduled him to come for 6 hours.

But I spent 6 hours Saturday working on my talk and...it was pretty much done. I polished it up a bit (I need to practice it tonight or tomorrow), and did a few more nagging things and...its 3 pm and I'm taking a little break and will start outlining my next paper since I've got another couple hours of paid childcare.

Maybe its the time change? But yesterday and today I felt great, lots of energy and motivation to get &*( done. This morning I did my work out (BB extreme, ABC---abs/butt/core, I love this one), took the kids with me to the store for a couple things we needed (and picked up litter on the way home), and made a nice Africa peanut stew for our dinner (I made it vegan but also cooked up chicken & added it to half of the stew so that kids will---hopefully-- eat it). I played 3 games of chess with B (he won 2/3) and had a snack and then it was time for work. I could get used to a day like this :)

I really am trying to enjoy it while I can because call starts Friday night (after a FULL day of clinic, no less) and its going to be a long weekend/week before I can relax again.

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  1. Glad to hear you're in a groove! Sometimes those childcare times of knocking out a lot of work feel really great!