Monday, November 11, 2019


The happiness was short lived. Wednesday the NEW babysitter texted that her "other job" fell through and she can't commit to working part time for us without something else in the mix so she's looking for full time work. She did agree to cover the next 2 weeks and I am very very very grateful even though UGH.

So now we are going back to the drawing board. I have someone great (a friend's morning sitter) who is available MWF but...I need T/Th covered. We could send them to the karate studio but OMG they hate it there. Another girl who I didn't get around to interviewing last round is coming this evening. She's a college student in her senior year so hopefully won't need to leave for full time work, but I worry about reliability with the younguns.

The talk on Thursday was...OK. I dunno. Maybe not the right group for the subject? It was at 2 pm and 3 people were noticeably a group of about 15. Others were interested & asking questions but the 3 sleepyheads were really demoralizing. I then had a very quick meeting with a faculty member in the group (one of the sleepers) who had to leave in 15 minutes to pick up his kid but even THEN it was hard to fill the time because we literally had NOTHING in common with our professional interests so I just kept asking him questions about his research. And I got what seemed like the last seat on the crowded train and came home to pouring rain and blah.

This weekend I was on call. It...went. It was really busy and there were some complex patients and sad stories. I was mentally/emotionally/physically drained when I got home and NOT in the mood to deal with the moods of the children/husband. And there were MOODS. Apparently the kids misbehaved Sunday on errands and G yelled at them and took away treats/screen time and nobody was talking to each other when I got home. Sigh.

I did manage to get up early to work out both days which was honestly the best part of each day. And going to bed early. So at least there was that.

I'm still on consults all week but there are some breaks in the day (like...right now). And I'm NOT on call tonight (though back on T-Th) so I'm definitely planning on a glass of wine or two tonight. More later on: my 19 for 19 list and goals for the rest of the year.

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  1. AAAHHHH!!!! Childcare roulette sucks! Here's to finding another new sitter ASAP.

    Also hate trying to schmooze it up with faculty who DGAF about me or my research. Somehow this is easy for other people. Bah.