Friday, January 31, 2020

January and February Goals (Progress not Perfection)

The longest month of the year is finally ending (it can't be just me, can it?). Its been a lighter week, work-wise, and more (spontaneous!) fun stuff than usual. Wednesday we went out to dinner with the kids and it was nice not to cook/clean (and have nachos!). And Thursday after B's IEP meeting, G and I had a lovely lunch date before heading to work. 

I am definitely in a better mental state than before, and kind of excited to review & set new goals and plan for next month.

January Goals (which I never posted here but just copied out of my planner):

  • Work out at least 30 minutes daily: I DID THIS!  30 minute beach body workouts or run. 
  • Run twice/week: DID THIS (second run for this week is tomorrow AM). Mostly with a friend, once alone, 3-4 miles so far, going to push for 5 miles tomorrow
  • Meditate daily: PARTIAL I did really great until this past week where I skipped 3 days. 
  • Avoid alcohol: PARTIAL I think I may have mentioned something out loud at home about "Dryuary" and then my kids were scolding me for having some wine last night---I did consume some alcohol this month but MUCH LESS than the previous month and that does meet the spirit of the goal without feeling restrictive
  • Plan water park weekend: DONE and going next weekend with sister & her fam
  • Plan summer & register for camp: PARTIALLY DONE---dropping off camp forms/check  today but still haven't figured out the week we are taking our family trip north
  • Figure out spring activity for both kids and sign up: PARTIAL---L is signed up for baseball (oh lord) B decided to try scouts, G is working on trying to sign him up. 
  • Put $ into 529 and investment accounts, submit FSA claims: DONE
  • Consultant List: DONE (this took WAY longer than I thought)
  • Revise 2 papers: PARTIAL---one down, one awaiting statistical input
  • Draft manuscript: NOPE didn't even start this---its been on my list since SEPTEMBER OMG
  • Survive holiday weekend/call week: DONE! (barely)
So yeah, not bad! Some new work stuff popped up to work on that was much more urgent than the lingering paper so I had to push it YET AGAIN to another month. I may need to take a weekend and just grind this thing out. 

I also have to remind myself to let go of perfection. Missing 4 meditation sessions means that there were 27 times this month that I focused on my breath and well being. And any day I stuck to water instead of wine or grabbed a La Croix instead of a beer is keeping me healthier. 

February Goals (very similar to January, adding and specifying a few things)

  • Work out daily when at home (so I have an out when we are at the water park and I'll be active & exhausted and not wanting to worry about fitting in a "work out"
  • Run twice/week
  • Meditate daily
  • Drink max 3X/week and NOT on a night before a run
  • Finalize summer plans & book campsite for August trip
  • 1:1 time with each kid one hour/week doing their choice of activity
  • At least 3 date nights 
  • Plan girls trip with home-state friends
  • Plan Broadway trip with book club friends
  • Lunch/dinner with C for VERY belated bday celebration
  • Have J family over for dinner (neighbor with kid that both boys play with)
Work (this is on top of a week of call and 20 clinic sessions, so may be overly ambitious)
  • Draft new manuscript
  • Submit manuscript revision
  • Put together talk for local PCP office
  • Compile teaching activities/evals for packet
  • meetings/planning re: possible new role 
  • Recruit at least 10 subjects for study
  • Discuss reduced schedule and get specifics 
Happy weekend. My Friday night plans: eat leftovers, do laundry, play Nintendo (they are currently obsessed with Just Dance) with the kids and go to bed early so I can go running tomorrow. Whoo hoo. 

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