Thursday, August 29, 2013

The next smallest step

Thank you all for the advice, you are amazing and generous with your experience and your wisdom.

I actually did make a few concrete steps today:
Figured out what Behavior Health coverage plan I have
Called Benefits Center after spending too much time searching our on-line benefits site and NOT FINDING any information on said coverage plan (phone numbers, working web site)
Signed in on-line so I could search providers
Screened many potential therapists, googling each one to see if they had pictures, websites, or listings in psychology_today.
Emailed one "nice looking" and close by provider asking her exactly what I asked you guys.
Got her response: essentially, its reasonable to come on your own and we can decide whether couples therapy is right for you. Call me to discuss.

Let's see when/if I actually call her.

She has a website with a "method" for couples counseling that she uses, only I know nothing about these methods and not sure it would be a good fit. Anyone know anything about "EFT" (emotionally focused therapy)?

In other news, the boys' daycare is closed tomorrow and I decided that I'd take the day off (no, this is not the martyr game, it actually gets me out of several extremely unpleasant work obligations, whoo!)  I actually had grand plans for spending the day out and about exploring the city and soaking up the last of summer. But B came home acting weird...102.8 fever. And now I am starting to feel a bit achy and woozy. L had it Monday & Tuesday and G  just got over it (some kind of 48-hour fever/tired thing).

It may be a play at home and let kids watch movies kind of day. They won't care.


  1. We have a rule when DC1 is sick that he has to spend the day on the couch (or in bed) watching shows and reading books. He doesn't seem to mind.

    Hope you all feel better soon, and go you!

  2. Sending you a big, big hug. As someone who did this back in February, I know how it feels. But the first step will help you take a second. And then another. And you can always leave if you don't like it or her.

    It's time to be kind to yourself. One step at a time.

  3. Cars is our go-to movie for days like that :) It's one of only 3 she'll sit through, but it's a good 90 minutes for me to lie on the couch when I'm sick, or catch up on sleep if the baby was having issues at night, etc.

    Yay for doing the research on the therapist.

  4. I know nothing about EFT. Sounds made up, but who knows. Does EVERY daycare in the city have today off? On the plus side, I actually got to have 1:1 time with Dylan, which I hadn't had in ages. On the minus side, no work got done but.... oh well.

    I hope everyone feels better soon.

  5. Do things at your own pace... there's no rush. I know nothing about EFT, though it doesn't sound like a bad thing, does it? The only thing you can do is give it a shot. You never know unless you try.

    Hope everyone is feeling better, and you're able to enjoy the last bit of summer!

  6. Good for you for taking the first step, no matter how small it seems. I hope everyone in your house is on the mend. It seems to be going around - D is super moody, cranky and disagreeable which almost always means something is going on health-wise & my husband is napping b/c he feels under the weather.

    Did I mention how quiet the house was? ;-)

    Looking forward to your next update.