Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Word of the Year: Savor

I know its become a "thing" in popular culture to complain about the year we just finished, but SERIOUSLY, 2016 was not awesome for me on so many levels. Any year in which you become depressed and take several months to realize, and then treat, said depression is forever labeled a shitty year in my book. Add on everything else (B's issues, diagnosis, and continued issues, both of my parents were hospitalized several times, we are spending $$$ trying to bail MIL out of her financial troubles, rejected grants and name a few off the top of my head).

I feel like a large part of last year was about just getting through. Head down, power through, try not to think or feel too much lest I get stuck. I don't want to live that way forever, though. I want to get back into the practice of stopping, noticing, wondering, and feeling.

Hence my pick for this years word: SAVOR. I thought about "slow" or "quiet", but sometimes what you really need is to run FAST or sing LOUD. I just want to take time out of each and every day to appreciate and linger over the amazing things you can miss if you forget to look.

I'm hoping this word will also translate to my relationship with food. I eat, and drink, as if its a contest. I want to stop the habit of gobbling and gulping mindlessly, and really focus on the flavors and textures. I think it will be more satisfying, and...hopefully...lead to eating/drinking less. Maybe? This one is a stretch, I know.

I've already begun working on this. I spent a long time playing with L as he took a bath the other day---reveling in how his growing body can barely stretch out in the tub anymore. How much longer will he want to play with his bath toys, pretending they are cakes and ice creams he is serving me from his rest-u-ant. I slowly ate my lunch, chatting with a colleague, today, tasting the crunch of the peanuts, the chewy rice, the hearty chicken. I slowed my walk and looked at the way the sun hit the clouds, and the breeze swirled around. I relished each sip of hot, pleasurable tea....ha ha NO! Just kidding. I still hate tea.


  1. *giggle*
    Every time I see tea now, I think of you.

  2. Ahh yes I do believe your attitude about tea is how I feel about bubble baths(or just plain baths). Like that's something I'm supposed to crave and be in to as a woman.
    Candles lit with the wine glass perched on the side......nope!! Hate baths. The last time I had anything remotely resembling a bath was when I was in labor and the nurses "threw" me in there suggesting it would help(didn't) and that was over 14 years ago. But I do enjoy wine and mostly don't over indulge.
    Anon in Mass

  3. I absolutely love your word.
    (Tea is actually growing on me a little, esp green tea, but it'll never be as good as coffee or wine!)

  4. Came over from SHU's blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. My husband and I are having a dry January as well...I'm making a more serious effort to lose the lbs I'd like to. Tea is never wine, is it!? But I do enjoy some plain carbonated water with a squeeze of lime. Still not wine. Thanks for your honesty and happy New Year!

    1. Welcome Susannah.I love carbonated water with a splash of lime! I've been drinking that in the evenings.

  5. I love this word, not just because I'm a foodie, but because so much is wrapped up in this: gratitude, mindfulness, enjoying what you have. I do like tea, but it's definitely a seasonal thing, and I have a habit of gulping it down when it's cold because I wait too long for it to cool. It's hard to savor time with kids sometimes, too, when they're doing something that drives you bananas. But I will try to remember your word when I'm with them!