Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mornings lately

I was thinking this morning of how completely 100% our mornings have changed since I last wrote about them four year ago. Our mornings are downright luxurious these days, due to my usually flexible work schedule, B's late school start time, and the fact that we no longer have toddlers.

On Tuesdays and Thursdays:
Wake up at 5:30 with alarm. Drink coffee while reading blogs, checking email, and scrolling news. Get ready and leave house by 6 for gym. Run to gym, work out, walk home by 7. 7-7:20ish, walk dog, feed her. 7:20-7:30, drink water, chat with G, go wake up kids, then G makes & feeds them breakfast. 7:30-7:50---get ready. Shower, dressed, fix hair, lipstick if I'm feeling fancy. Go downstairs and eat breakfast/make my lunch/clean up kitchen/help kids get ready/get our bags ready and by the door. This rarely feels rushed. 8:20, get B into coat/shoes and out the door by 8:25 to make it to 8:30 drop off.

Wake up between 6:30-7. G has gotten up at 5:40 and gone to the gym---he gets home at a little after 7 and walks the dog. Have coffee, make my lunch. 7:30, wake up kids. G makes/feeds them breakfast while I do the same routine as above.

Wednesday and any other day I have to be at work by 8:
Wake up at 6:20, drink coffee, make lunch, get ready and leave immediately after waking kids up at 7:25 (G goes to gym/walks dog...then when I leave he does breakfast and takes both kids to school).

Some of the time the boys head upstairs and brush and change on their own. More often then not, B gets distracted and need prodding. Sometimes they revert back a few years and make me brush their teeth and put their clothes on. Sometimes they play on their own or together until its time to go, but sometimes they fight or need me or whatever. I.e. the usual "dealing with small children" type stuff.

Once L is in KG, and there is only one drop off and pick up, I am planning to shift my schedule a bit earlier so that I work from 8-4:30 and pick both kids up by 5, while G takes them to school at 8:30 and can work a bit later (he gets to work super late these days, 9:30ish, needs to leave at 5 to pick up L and ends up working after I go to bed, whereas I am at my desk at the latest by 9, and can work until 5:30ish most days, getting a good 8.5 hours in).

It'll be way more efficient, and take advantage of my high-energy hours for work, but I'll miss the luxury of our mornings!

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