Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Driven Snow

This phrase always confused me...until I realized that "driven" meant "blown into drifts", I assumed it meant it had been "driven on" by horse-carts or cars and thus anything but pure or white. Our snow is grey and dingy today and I hope it melts soon. Also because this would mean temps above freezing.

I am now the proud owner of a brand new planner and bullet journal notebook. I hope to spend tonight organizing both. Now I just need some fancy pens! Something about the fresh new planners has inspired me to buy some nicer writing implements.

Our HelloFresh box never showed up yesterday, so we each ate our own random dinners. It was so relaxing, even with making essentially 4 different "meals" (I ate frozen TJ's pot stickers with sauteed green beans, G ate leftover homemade chicken bites and nuts, L ate instant oatmeal, and B ate mac & cheese from a box with peas). The whole act of figuring out something we would all like, making it, nagging the kids to eat it...sometimes its too much. Its nice to have a break. Maybe we should just eat random freezer & pantry foods 2-3 times a week, and have home-cooked meals the other days. Cooking & feeding my family healthy, homemade meals used to be a big priority for me, but its starting to move way down the list as other things vie for my attention.

I made it to the gym this morning! It was...hard. I had to stop a few times and catch my breath/shake out my legs (jumping lunges, I hate you). I had a friend text me last night for motivation...and then she snoozed her alarm and never made it.

The past 2 nights I've randomly woken up at 1AM feeling up and ready for the day; its taken me about an hour to wind down and fall asleep again Weirdly this same thing happened to me last January. I thought it was the medication regimen that I started last spring/summer that was helping me sleep, but maybe I have some weird seasonal insomnia disorder?

At 1AM, I made a list in my head of all the things I needed to discuss with G. Why don't I think of these things at 9PM? I have nothing to say at 9PM. I finally unloaded it all on him at 7:15AM when he woke up. So now we have a date night planned in 2 weeks, a family dinner with friends on Saturday, a trip to visit my sister in February, a June concert we need to buy tickets for this week, and children/dog logistics for the rest of the week done. 

 Thus end my random musings.


  1. We eat random odds and ends 2-3x/week. That's part of how we deal with reducing food waste. Though we also consider mac and cheese (with tuna and peas) to be a full "homemade" meal. So by your definition we eat random stuff more often(!)

    Even when we do make actual food mid-week it's stuff like last night's dinner where I sliced an onion, put a salmon fillet on top of the slices, and then sliced a lemon and put those slices on top of the salmon. Then baked (and microwave individual pieces if the kids get impatient before it's completely cooked through).

  2. I have always felt pressure to have home-made healthy meals most or nearly all of the days of the week. My kids are 4 and 6 and have a very select few things that they both like and it has made meal planning and dinner time extremely stressful to the point that I hate having to think about/make dinner.
    And thankfully like you! I realize in the last month or so that as long as meals balance out over the week - the kids and me are so much happier when I mix in random and less work type of meals.
    Last night was scrambled eggs (6 yr old loves, 4 yr old won't eat) and toast for the older one. Grilled cheese for the younger one. And some raw veggies. I had some fish leftovers from the day before. My husband was working until 8 pm so he was on his own.
    Everyone was happy! Why didn't I do this sooner?!

  3. We are having a random meal tonight because Josh and I don't want to have what the kids are having (crepes).

    Enjoy your new bullet journal! Use it to catch all the mental vomit at 1 am so you can discuss it the next night at 9 pm :-)

  4. How do you plan to use your planner and how will that be different from your plans for the bullet journal?

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