Saturday, January 11, 2020

Running, Theater, Babysitters, Booze, and Work

i.e. random catch up post

I'm finishing up some work I had to get done.  G is getting B ready for his basketball game, L is reading on his kindle, dog is snoozing on the basement couch next to me, and laundry is going in the washer and dryer. So...I have some time to write!

Its oddly warm today, like 60 degrees. At some point will get the kids to the park. We thought about doing a quick hike but in between basketball game & practice, and both of us needing to get some work done...its not going to happen.

I started running with a friend at the end of December, and it went so well we decided to keep it up---our goal is twice a week, 30 minutes if a weekday and longer on the weekend. Today we did about 4 miles, going up & down the art museum steps a few times in the middle, so it took about 45 minutes. I bought myself some new leggings with a pocket for my phone so I can actually track distance. I have no way to track my pace, but I suspect I'm pretty slow (had to beg my friend to slow down!)

We had a date night Thursday to see one of our theater subscription shows (The Band's Visit, it was great---very low key, quirky, funny, but also poignant). Our old after school guy came to babysit and all of us were so happy to see him again! No one else we've had, including our current person, has been even half as fun, sadly.

I went for reliable over enthusiastic with babysitters this time, and the woman we chose is super sweet, but...the kids haven't really taken to her and just do their own thing while she's around, instead of playing with her. I need her to stay through the end of this school year. Next year I will make sure they are in the after-care program at school (we didn't get them in on time this year and they were full when I tried later). I can write a whole post on pros/cons of the sitter vs. aftercare (ooh...idea)!

G and I have been cutting back on booze (i.e. not drinking at all) after LOTS of wine to cope with winter break, but since we had some time to kill before the show, we went to a funky bar near the theater and I had a cocktail. And then a glass of wine at the show. It was fun but I remembered at 5:30 AM the next morning why I shouldn't drink on weeknights. Oh aging.

Work this week wasn't too bad. I had 5 clinics, so 2.5 days for other stuff and I got a lot done on Tuesday & Thursday. Friday afternoon was kind of a wash because of meetings and random patient care stuff that came up...which is why I'm working today. Next week I have 6 clinics, & lots more meetings, so I doubt I'll get much else done. And I'm on call next weekend/week after. Blah. Three more call weeks of this academic year and then I get a break from April----at least June, hopefully September.

I have my meeting to discuss next years schedule in February so I need to spend some time thinking a bit more about this. Part of me really wants to go to 80-90%, but G keeps telling me that he thinks I will end up working the same for less $, which is a very fair point. I also have a meeting to discuss a possible leadership role (I'd looked into this last year and it wasn't a good fit at the time, but they are willing to be flexible on some things now so I'm open to more discussion). So who knows what July will bring.

I'm feeling uncharacteristically optimistic about work overall. I have a few new and exciting ideas for grants I want to write, and I've got a line up of papers to work through---and a game plan for when I'm going to do them (i.e. days blocked off in my calendar). I have this overall sense that I do LIKE what I do, and I'm good at it, and I realize how lucky that make me.

Happy weekend!


  1. Someone recommended the Gaia app to me, which is free, to track my speed when I "run" (or walk). It's been great! Glad you've been feeling well!