Wednesday, January 29, 2020


I've been fairly uninspired about writing here lately. I open up the site but can't think of anything worth putting out into the world. Blah blah, call week sucked, falling so behind on work, the world is burning and the lack of terrible winter weather is freaking me the f out because IT SHOULD NOT BE SPRING IN JANUARY (why are my tulips growing???), etc...

Insight from therapy: even the self-critical judgy part of myself means well and is trying to help. When she calls me "lazy" and "fat", its an attempt---however misguided---to keep me working towards my goals. And apparently if I just acknowledge that, instead of railing against it, I can start the process of making that voice less of a raging b- a little nicer. Understanding this is also helping me talk to my kids, who have a tendency to get down on themselves. Its really a family trait.

Anyways, back to work!


  1. Is this a January mode? It is for me - I've been working - not hard, doing the bare minimum at home and am exhausted every night - as is the rest of my family. Hoping that getting out into sunlight this weekend will help a lot. Sneakers

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