Friday, January 3, 2020

2020 Word(s) of the Year

Here we are, new year, same me...full of plans & goals & hopes and...less full of energy and motivation to actually achieve them.

No, no, I'm going to be positive!!! But, seriously, I'm tired. And its dark, cold and rainy and we have a million basketball related things this weekend and our house is a mess. Winter break sucked. Like really really blah, boring, stressful. So I'm very relieved actually to be back home, back at work, in the thick of activities and playdates and all of it. Just...tired.

I couldn't decide on one "word of the year" so I'm going with a combo this year. Drumroll please...

Clear and Control

I want to clear my head, my house, my schedule...just get ALL the unnecessary junk out of there. The digital distractions, the wine, the things I say yes to that clog up my writing days, the CLUTTER that is taking over our house after 2 kid birthdays, and Christmas and 2 boys & a husband who are in the middle of a billion different "projects" all in our living room area.

And I want to feel like I am steering the boat of my life instead of being pulled along by the current, sometimes very abruptly and uncomfortably. I am thinking carefully about my work and our family schedule, looking at the year as a whole and trying to anticipate what we will need and building it in.

I've restarted my habit of getting up earlier than I absolutely need to, so I can feel in charge of the day and how it unfolds. And making sure I check in with my planner every morning and evening to re-orient myself to my goals. Later this afternoon I am taking time to think about seasonal goals for self/family/work---and I'm going to do the whole year at once, to take a bigger picture view so I don't keep pushing winter goals into spring and then summer when they don't happen, haha.

Plan for tonight: take down Christmas and hang out with L + make dinner while B is at Bball practice. Dinner/stories/early bed.
Saturday: work out in AM. Plan meals for the week so G can go shop. Take B to basketball game. Clean up/declutter in living room and hang out with B while L at Bball practice. Haircut. Pizza/movie night (please no more Star Wars)
Sunday: work out in AM (run?). take L to basketball game. Cook soup. Dinner/stories/early bed to get ready for the first full week of the year!

Upcoming: my 20 for 2020 list, seasonal goals, best books of 2019

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