Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Long weekend, Silver linings?

Like---the longest ever. We all had Monday off of work/school for MLK day but I was on call. We had an extraordinarily busy service and I didn't get to leave the hospital until after 4pm Sat and Sunday, and 3:30 on Monday (after starting at 7:30 AM). Lots of pages & texts throughout the evening/night. I was completely and totally done and useless at home those evenings. Blah.

Still on call through Friday evening, and literally counting down.

On the plus side I did manage to work out every day (to continue my January daily exercise streak). I took 15 minutes yesterday to plan out the week. And I had a few notable fun moments with G & the kids over the weekend---we watched the Princess Bride & had pizza on Saturday night, played Mario Kart Sunday night, and had one family dinner without whining somewhere in there.

And, it was cold and icky most of the time so if I have to spend the entire weekend at work I'd rather it be now than in spring/summer/fall. Or even last weekend, when it was weirdly warm and gorgeous.   Admittedly, having MLK as my "holiday" was also a pretty lucky break (though I really did want NY because it is a nice out from having to "do something" and I could've cut our trip to MIL short).

Maybe. I'm reaching here. Mostly I came home and scrolled on my phone to give my brain a break from thinking & talking & interacting with others. Anyhoo. Off to round!

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