Friday, April 17, 2020

(a little over) Halfway Through the Month

Dates are hard to keep track of these days.

So we're more than half way through April and I wanted to revisit my goals and make some new ones. I'm not quite ambitious enough for a "19 for COVID-19" list, but there are a few things I've considered that I'd like to write down (to make it more official!)

I have done 100% of daily workouts, 15/17 meditation, 100% going outside every day and meh re: limiting social media. I have also run 32.5 of the 60 miles I have planned for the month and read 1 of 4 books. I better get running...and reading if I want to make it!

New goals:
1) Bake sourdough again by the end of the month (2nd batch better than 1st, but still not amazing...need to keep working out the kinks in my process)
2) Dye my hair...roots are getting bad and so distracting doing telemed
3) Figure out a way for kids to stay in touch with family regularly that does NOT require my involvement so they can talk to grandparents while I work. Grandparents get connection and I don't get annoyed at anyone.
4) Plant seeds for herb garden. I have the seeds. I just need to do it.
5) Set up happy hour with 2 different groups of friends to reconnect

I think that's enough for 13 days.

And, for a little pat on the back. This week I: saw 18 patients (and completed charts!), navigated the announcement of my new leadership position and began setting up meetings ahead of the July 1st start, combed through my entire schedule in next few months to identify tele-med possibilities, and planned out my clinical time for next academic year (less clinic! hooray!). On the home front: all are healthy, exercised, bathed, and fed. And I registered to vote by mail in the primary (for whatever that's worth at this point).


  1. Ana, you are a rockstar. Truly.

    1. hahahah. my nightly wine and cheez-it habit notwithstanding.

  2. Congratulations on your leadership appointment!