Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Positive Notes

1. G bought the hardware for the desk at the local store (instead of waiting on a replacement set from Ikea) and is building it now!

2. Still enjoying working with G. We struggled today, but got 21 day fix total body cardio done!

3. Catch and Kill! Still so good (but slow going---so much is happening, I'm having to go back and re-read parts, especially if I read them when sleepy at night or after wine haha)

4. Did some nice telehealth visits today. When it all clicks (the technology and the comfort/engagement of the patient), its awesome, and can feel even more personal then talking in the office. When it doesn't work, its awkward as hell and feels like a waste of time.

Ummm. That's all I got. I was going for 5 but I couldn't get there.

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