Monday, April 13, 2020


I have this nagging headache today. Its raining like crazy and I haven't left the house at all. Doing tele health and then have to make some dinner. The kids did NOT do well with their school work today, oh well. The laptops are new and enticing (they were playing some kind of "math game" that seemed marginally educational for hours) and G and I were both tied up much of the day.

Weekend was...OK. We watched "Mrs Doubtfire"---it did NOT hold up, don't recommend. The next day tried "Air Force One"---I fell asleep about 30 minutes in and just went straight up to bed when I woke up again. We did order thai food and pizza, which were both awesome. We tried to get outside some, did a zoom meeting with extended family, finished a REALLY hard puzzle. All of those things were...OK.

OK, patient showed up for visit, back tomorrow.

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