Thursday, April 30, 2020

April Recap

Guess my post yesterday resonated---the most comments I've gotten in about a year! Sorry you guys are all struggling with this too, but good to know I'm not alone.

I had a pretty unsatisfying book club meeting last night (I had to start late and end early because of kid nonsense and didn't realize I was on mute for a while) and then stayed up way too late since I'd already opened the wine, and was annoyed at everything, and then started feeling snack-y, and blah. I woke up at 5:45 for my run and I'm just tired & not feeling the paper-writing mojo this morning.

I did make some goals in April, here's a report:

1) Run 60 miles: After this morning, the total came to 63 miles this month. And to highlight how non-linear my progress has been, this was THE SLOWEST run of the month (it was unexpectedly hot & humid and I'd dressed for 35 and windy like it usually is).

2) Read 4 books: I finished 6 books.

  • Catch & Kill: Fantastic though obviously depressing, I think everyone should read this
  • The Woman in the Window:  quick, creepy, mysterious with an homage to classic films, I liked it OK
  • The Clockmaker's Daughter: long, like all of Kate Morton's books, but enjoyable enough
  • I Owe You One: Sophie Kinsella brain candy, she's my fave junkfood writer
  • Mrs. Everything: I REALLY liked this, reminded me a lot of Meg Wolitzer in the following women throughout their lives and examining their choices and their take on feminism kind of way. Its by Jennifer Weiner who I've never read before but assumed was cheesy---I may have to read more
  • Oona Out of Order---I listened to the audiobook for this one. LOVED, still thinking about this a few days later, very creative and thought-provoking 

3) Dye my hair: done (Garnier Nutrisse, deep burgundy, I leave it on 1.5 the recommended time to get my grays AND add tint to my black)

4) Plant seeds for backyard garden: nope, it was raining last Sunday when I had time to do this. Will do this weekend since it'll be warm and sunny. 

5) Figure out way for kids to stay in touch with grandparents without my involvement: not yet, working on this. I've just been calling them and telling them to call the kids on the iPad, which they take to their room so I don't have to be constantly involved, but I do have to remember to call.

6) Daily habits: yes! exercise 30/30, Meditation 28/30, outside 30/30

May Goals tomorrow


  1. Back when we were allowed to like Chick Lit, I read a bunch of Jennifer Weiner, and really enjoyed her. She had a trilogy I think -- Good in Bed was one of them? I'm sorry you had a sucky run. I went for a walk this morning and it seemed to help mine (woke up a raging bitch), but it doesn't always work that way. On the positive side, you basically met all your goals!

  2. You did SO much more than me :)